Story of a tree

Wandering through the Woods, Once,
I thought I should rest some !

There I sat beneath huge tree,
That grip the branches and leaves so many !

I, then raised my head a bit high,
To see the carpet of clouds in sky !

The winter breeze blowing was fresh and fine,
On which little birds chirped jingling rhymes !

Suddenly, from the tree, something flew,
Of which I had not, a single clue !

It was not one, neither two, nor three,
Soon I realized, they were so many !

I wondered what it just might be?
If they were not birds and butterflies any !

I followed one without any sound,
Till it came down to meet on the ground !

To touch and feel, I went a little closer,
To my surprise, it was lighter than the feather !

It was a tiny little seed you see,
That had just parted from its parent tree !

Witnessing the incident, I asked myself, "Why did it happen?"
Well, since nobody to answer, I said, "I must find the reason!"

Pondering for a little while, I drew some conclusions !
and appreciated the plants for having a broad vision !

Maybe, they know, their young ones will, probably never grow,
If they are allowed to live beneath their own shadow !

So they make these young ones fly,
Away from them to grow and survive !

Giving a look at the seed, I thought about its basic needs,
"How will it live and who will feed?"

Maybe that's how they learn to grow,
With nobody to pamper and caress their flaw !

Now I had no more questions,
Cause, I knew the fact and not fiction !

I then kept the seed back on the ground,
To let it grow like the trees around !

When it will grow tall and become a handsome tree,
Someday, somebody will stop there,
To take a shelter just like me !

Composed by Priti Sawant
© copyrights reserved

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