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Basic Course in Herpetology by BNHS-Student experience

Basic Course in Herpetology by BNHS-Student experience
(Text and photographs by Avinash Vora)

My name is Avinash Vora and I enrolled for the one year online basic course in herpetology by BNHS in June 2013. 
I was looking to be part of something like this and was lucky enough to learn about the course through IWC in the nick of time. 
For me, these were the biggest takeaways from the course:
Learning the basics of herpetology (reptiles, amphibians, and caecilians). Prior to this program, I was aware only of specific reptiles or amphibians that I would read or watch about. During this program, I learnt a lot more about lesser known reptiles and amphibians which is truly fascinating. 
Meeting like-minded people. I never knew there were so many people who shared a common interest with me. This encouraged me to learn even more about herping and pursue it more seriously. 
Interacting with experts. I had the privilege of attending lectures conducted by Dr. Varad Giri and Dr. Shubhalaxmi Vaylure of BNHS, and Mr. Ramashish Joshi of Sahyadri Nisarg Mitra.  
Discovering the not so spoken of bio-diversity hot spots in India. There are so many places other than the “Tiger Reserves” of India which are equally beautiful and fascinating. One realizes this when he/she attends the field camps organized by BNHS in the forests. Going herping in the forests at night is the most exciting experience one can have. 
Lastly, the flexibility of the course along with the helping nature of the BNHS staff is really amazing and I recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning the very basics of herpetology and in meeting like-minded people who share the same passion. 

 Forest trail in Amboli

Malabar pit viper resting on a plant during one of our trails in Amboli

Malabar pit viper resting on a plant during one of our trails in Amboli

 Shieldtail snake resting on the forest trail track in Amboli 

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