A public installation of Art at Shantiniketan, West Bengal

A public installation of Art at Shantiniketan, West Bengal
-Ashish Ghosh


Public Installations by artists is a common feature in many developed countries.  Many Indian Sculptors have earned a name for themselves through public installations abroad.  Ashish Ghosh, a Professor at Vishwa Bharati University, West Bengal is no exception.  He is one of the twenty Indians in the 830 participants of the permanent art exhibition in Naples, Italy named  ā€¯International Contemporary Art Museum".   This article showcases the nature installation Ashish has done in collaboration with his student Silpa Sadana, at the  Lal bandh  eco park , Shantiniketan, India,  covering a total area of approx 100 feet /80 feet.   The materials used in the installation are, jute, bamboo, dry palm leaf, palm shied, earth color, natural thread, stow and dry leaf.   

"Life Nature at Stake"

The text in the sculpture above, which is part of the installation at ShantiNiketan reads thus

" Searching for life is going on in planet far away but we are not at all concerned to protect the nature and life in our earth. Life of human being is balanced with life of his/her environment and its members. In the last two hundred years we have destroyed so many species, plants, etc.. Gradually tigers, red crabs, cranes, etc. are decreasing and will be specimen of museum if the encroachment and brutal haunting is continued. The man-grove forest of Sunderban is gradually disappearing endangering both the Bengal and Odissa.  
        My this installation is an appeal to the consciousness of all to save the nature and animals and different species. It is visible that the tiger is struggling to get safe shelter, birds are afraid; red crabs  are passing through sand  and man of Sunderban is taking refuge in trees. It will be blessing to me if even or one animal and bird is saved as a result of my sculpture.   
       Let us take an oath to save the earth."

More close-ups of the installation


This is what Ashish has to say about his art

"As a sculptor, I feel that the infinite treasure of beauty and taste is hidden in changes and transformation of nature. Function of art is to express a message beyond truth and beauty, the artist travels on his way with  the thirst and irritation to touch and feel that truth in his creation.  My passion as a sculptor is to discover myself in my creation crossing the  barrier of time and social order. The universe, Earth and Time are colorful, .colorful is life also."

On what inspired him to be a sculptor

" From my child-hood I was very interested in sculpture and used to make different images and toys of clay and wood. I used to see the image making of different God and Goddesses in rural area of Bengal, where I spent my child-hood and that observation used to create urge and thirst for creating the sculptures. Different form of clouds with change of season, the mountains, streams, water lily and lotus in ponds create waves in my mind which fermented and compelled me to express these feelings as sculpture. So, in the long run my dream became successful when I came to art education. Gradually I understand that the  true observation of nature is inspiration for  me for  my  creation".

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