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You are a valued member of our Club; Now let your voice be heard in The Club!!

Express YOUR news and views at our BLOG

The topics are,

.........Film Reviews, Interlinking of rivers Tiger Task Force Report Engineers and Environment, …………

You are invited to write on any of the areas covered by the above themes. If a topic of your interest is missing, tell us and we could add that too.

Just click on “Add blog”, log in with your email id and password and start writing. Use our simple ‘HTML’ editor to edit what you have written and click ‘submit’ to upload.

(TIP: Write your piece in the notepad first and then cut and paste it on to the blog pad; This will save time and avoid loss of data in the event you are logged out due to some reason.)

Do not worry about your ability to write; at IWC, what you say matters, not how you say it, or who you are. Your audience is the large IWC membership PLUS those netizens who have opted to read anything written on similar topics.

Calling all nature lovers, Let our voice be heard!

Click on the link below and get started!



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