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Posted by Susan Sharma on June 25, 2024

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Hey Insect Lover!

Are you a photographer constantly snapping shots of insects but struggling to identify them? A teacher eager to guide students on nature trails but stumped by the bugs you encounter? A student interested in an insect project but unsure where to begin? Or perhaps an environmental educator who needs to stay updated on natural history, yet finds insects baffling? Whatever your role, our six-week long hybrid course is designed to help you conquer these challenges. Join India's pioneering hybrid crash course on insects, combining day trips, field camps, and online assignments for a comprehensive learning experience.

Duration: 15 July - 15 October 2024

Course Fee: Rs. 5000/-  Early Bird Offer: Rs. 4500/-  

This course will give you

  1. Insect Group Identification Skills
  2. Understand the role of insects in city ecosystem
  3. Adaptations which are habitat specific
  4. Learning about habitat creation for insects
  5. Develop writing and analytical skills by online referencing for scientific papers
  6. Understanding of ecology through project work

To Enroll, click on the link below


Environmental Education

Role of Pharmacovigilance

Posted by Virat Roy on July 05, 2023

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pharmacovigilance courses  by TechnoBridge is to promote patient safety by monitoring, assessing, and preventing adverse effects and other drug-related problems associated with pharmaceutical products. Here are the key roles and functions of pharmacovigilance:

1. Detection and Reporting: Pharmacovigilance involves the collection and analysis of information on suspected adverse drug reactions (ADRs) from various sources, including healthcare professionals, patients, regulatory authorities, and clinical trials. This data forms the basis for identifying potential safety concerns and generating safety signals.

2. Assessment and Evaluation: Pharmacovigilance professionals assess the collected data to determine the causality, severity, and frequency of reported adverse events. This involves evaluating the available evidence and conducting analyses to establish the relationship between the medication and the observed reaction. Pharmacovigilance also aims to identify risk factors, subpopulations at higher risk, and potential interactions with other drugs.

3. Benefit-Risk Evaluation: Learn More About pharmacovigilance certification program plays a crucial role in evaluating the overall benefit-risk balance of medications. It involves weighing the potential benefits of a drug against its identified risks to ensure that the benefits outweigh the potential harm. This evaluation is essential for regulatory decision-making, labeling updates, and healthcare professionals' and patients' informed decision-making regarding the use of medications.

4. Signal Detection: Overview of Pharmacovigilance professionals use statistical and analytical techniques to detect safety signals, which are indications of previously unrecognized risks or patterns of adverse events associated with a particular drug. Signal detection involves analyzing the collected data for patterns, trends, and disproportionality of specific adverse events.

5. Communication and Information Dissemination: Pharmacovigilance plays a vital role in communicating safety information to healthcare professionals, regulatory authorities, Clinical Data Operations Training, and patients. Timely dissemination of safety alerts, drug safety updates, and risk communications helps healthcare providers make informed decisions about prescribing and managing medications. Patient education and awareness initiatives empower individuals to report adverse events and actively participate in their own safety.


Overall, pharmacovigilance plays a pivotal role in safeguarding patient health and ensuring the continuous monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of medication safety throughout their lifecycle.


Environmental Education

How to enroll PG Diploma in clinical research courses?

Posted by Punarvasu Sharma on June 29, 2023

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We Providing Best PG Diploma in Clinical Research courses in Pune with 100% Placement


TechnoBridge  is an excellent institute PG Diploma in Clinical Research courses, delivering top-quality education and practical training. Their curriculum is highly regarded, and their experienced faculty ensures a comprehensive learning experience for students in the field of drug safety monitoring.

This is the foremost question which comes to mind of every student: What to do? Where to go? And How to start? With the particular research course. No worries, after reading these paragraph you will get answers to your questions.

There are various parameters & Eligibility for clinical research course –

1.    Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research –

Time Duration: 1-3 months

Eligibility: Min. 55 + marks in total in Bachelor degree with Life Science Background.

2.    Certificate Course –

Time Duration: 3-6 Months

Eligibility: At least 50 per cent total marks in +2 level exam with a science background



Environmental Education

Why I think environment education is crucial for students in 2023

Posted by Alex Gilbert on December 12, 2022

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Environmental education is important because it helps people understand the natural world and their place in it. It teaches people about the environment and how to protect it, and encourages them to make sustainable choices. Environmental education can also help me write my dissertation by providing a wealth of information and research on important topics related to the environment. As global temperatures rise and extreme weather events become more frequent in 2023, it is essential that people understand the causes and consequences of these changes, and what they can do to help mitigate them. Environmental education can help provide the knowledge and skills necessary to address these challenges to students and help them create a more sustainable future for themselves, and for many generations to come!

Environmental Education

Why is it important to study about the environment?

Posted by Lisa King on March 10, 2021

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The surrounding where we are living has many good things to observe and preserve also. If we don't understand the importance of the environment we won't be able to look forward to the ways that make it better. The studies of natural resources and demographic calculation can solve many issues. Apart from it, little but good steps make the overall changes. Some of the best essay writing services are contributing to suggesting better things to reduce environmental pollution. Being a human, it's our responsibility to know which areas need improvement. Not only but do proper research about animal rights as well because they are a part of our environment.

Environmental Education

The Biggest Environmental Threat

Posted by christine sinek on April 15, 2020

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One of the biggest environmental issues the world is facing right now after water pollution is Air pollution.  The biggest threat to our environmental air is the smoke and fumes that come from Vehicle engines, and industries. These things take a lot of time to recover but we ourselves are damaging our environment from the last few decades.  According to,  an academic firm that gives Cheap law Homework writing services, there are substantial metals, plastic and poisons in the air which are continuously damaging the Ozone layer in the space. Due to this pandemic lockdown in many countries, the O3 layer is healing, which is a good sign for us, because it protects us from the toxic radioactive rays coming from the Sun.

Environmental Education

Satpura Naturalist program

Posted by Susan Sharma on June 22, 2019

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The three days naturalist program at Satpura Tiger Reserve, promoted by Indianwildlifeclub.com has concluded successfully.  The attendance was excellent and participants who attended had various and diverse interests in wildlife.  According to our trainer Ashish Shah, many participants could be resource persons for birding, reptiles, insects etc for the next such program planned.  The Forest Department Officials were available for field studies and extended full support for the program.





Participants Naturalist Program at Satpura Tiger Reserve 17th 19th June, 2019




Copy of certificate issued to participants




A class room study in progress

Environmental Education

Satpura Naturalist program

Posted by Susan Sharma on May 30, 2019

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Currently we are promoting a Naturalist Program in Satpura Tiger Reserve.  Here is the link to apply

The organizers inform that pick up will be arranged from Itarsi, Pipariya and Sohagpur on 16th late night and 17th early morning too.

Pick up as and when the participant arrive.

Jio and BSNL networks work in Satpura

Participation certificates will be issued by the Forest Department.

Read participants feedback on our earlier program at Shahanur
Shahanur Naturalists program
Three batches of naturalists were trained at  Melghat Tiger Reserve during April and May, 2019.
Here is the feed back from some of the participants 
"The program was very well structured and all stay and transfer arrangements were very good. The behavior, attitude and humbleness of the forest staff along with various NGO staff was the best part of the Programme.They were all very helpful and went out of their way.
All in all amazing programme. The first of a kind attended by me.
Having attended this I would like to suggest that forest department should organize more such programs at a higher level. Field patrolling with forest guard could also be a part of the programme. Many thanks Indian wildlife club through which I came to know about the program."
Manish Singh
"Thanx a lot for giving us such a great information of the superb n unique naturalist program by MTR. lifetime achievement this is in which few r 
1. Meet with president awaredee Mr. Vishal bansod.
2. Drone operation n control
3. Night stay in Machan
4. Camera trapping training
5. Trekking in core area of a tiger reserve
6. Night Safari
7. Adventure sport
n many more.......thnx thnx a lot.
Requesting u to please let us inform on regular basis of such type of unique n special programs n also d next level (higher level) program of attended event..."
SOME NATH ROY <somenath.somu@gmail.com>

Environmental Education

Be a naturalist program at Melghat

Posted by Susan Sharma on May 01, 2019

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Last batch for the season starts on 10th May 2019

The Registration fees for the Course is Rs 11400/-. The fee covers the following:

  • Pick up and Drop from Akola
  • Stay in Jungle Eco-huts on twin sharing basis
  • Delicious local food
  • Four thrilling jungle safaris
  • Trap wild animals in camera
  • Enjoy tribal dance
  • Conservation study material
  • Trekking in core area and bird watching
  • Interaction with experts and front line staff
  • Certificate of participation

Apply Now

Environmental Education

3rd batch of Naturalists program-Apply soon

Posted by Susan Sharma on April 21, 2019

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"Be a Naturalist"-five day certificate program at Melghat Tiger Reserve is inviting applications for the third batch starting on 10th May, 2019

Apply Now

For details click on 



Team IWC


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