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Posted by Susan Sharma on December 18, 2013

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Deveopments in Science have been exponential in the last few years.  Study of science has become highly specialised as a result.  Reflecting on these developments in a  holistic manner is being done by many Western publishers.   Adapting the scientific developments to the indian scene is what S. Anathanarayanan has spent the last thirteen years doing.  Our club has published over  30 of our articles in our monthly ezines.  The author has now published all his published articles at the following link.   The site is user friendly and loads very fast.   Do have alook


Prizes to win!

Posted by Susan Sharma on December 20, 2007

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ERIC NEE: What are the differences between traditional grant giving and using prizes as a way to stimulate social change?

THOMAS VANDER ARK: Quite simply, it’s the difference between push and pull. Traditional philanthropy is a push mechanism. You pick an organization, you make an investment, you may provide advice and performance management, and you hope that they are successful and that the sector evolves as you had anticipated. Prize philanthropy is a pull mechanism where you set a goal, invite the world to compete, and hope to be surprised by the new money, the new minds, and the new methods brought to the competition.


See the link (Wildlife Quiz)


 for IndianWildlifeClub’s prize program!


comment on article in May ezine

Posted by Susan Sharma on June 06, 2007

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"Yes this sounds like what the world was like during my childhood and what Manali and its environs were like when I had first visited it in the 1960s.

The present sad state of things here is the result of the huge amount of spraying done on the almost monoculture of apples in the ’Valley of the Gods’. Kangra would have been badly damaged had it not been for the fact that fruit farming is not very reliable on account of the strong hail storms that occur there as a result of the interface between the hot lowlands of the Punjab and the almost sudden verticle rise of the Dhaula Dhar range.

 I would however like to know how many large Ficus trees are there and what is the state of the water in the very many rivulets flowing down from the mountains into the Rana Pratap Sagar. Such concentrations of birdlife should be, and most certainly can be, existing along with human communities. That they do exist in locations should not lull us into a feeling of welbeing.

Do post this on your portal on my behalf."

Comment by Lavkumar Khachar on the article " Chintpurni, Dharamshala, Pragpur……(Himachal Pradesh)


Comments on ezine

Posted by Susan Sharma on March 09, 2007

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Feed back on IWC Ezine

Posted by Susan Sharma on September 10, 2006

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For an idea to be spread, it needs to be sent and received.

 Ideas never spread because they are important to the originator.

A key element in the spreading of the idea is the capsule that contains it.

If it’s easy to swallow, tempting, and complete, it’s far more likely to get a good start.

No one “gets” an idea unless:

 1. The first impression demands further investigation.

 2. They already understand the foundation ideas necessary to get the new idea.

 3. They trust or respect the sender enough to invest the time.

 We look forward to feedback on the articles in our monthly ezine. Write in to iwc@indianwildlifeclub.com with the subject "Feedback on IWC Ezine"

Source of ideas: Guy Kawasaki quotes Seth Godin (from his new book "Small is the New Big"):


Advanced search on archives

Posted by Susan Sharma on August 31, 2006

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Did you know that the IWC ezines for the last 5 years + are searchable for content?  All vistors to IWC.com can freely avail of the 'Advanced Search" button at the bottom of our homepage http://www.IndianWildlifeClub.com

Try searching for general topics like 'Climate change, Pheasants, Amphibians .......or more specific topics like Golden Emperor Moth, Hoolock Gibbon, Leh trekking......

The results will throw up articles from our archived ezines, quiz programs and chat programs!!


IWC's monthly ezine

Posted by Susan Sharma on November 10, 2005

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Been trekking? Visited a tribal village? Or saw some amazing wildlife in a national park? Write in to iwc@indianwildlifeclub.com along with two good photographs. Published articles get paid.
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