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What should I do if the LCD touch screen does not feel sensitive when I use it?

Posted by Tab Anderson on July 15, 2021

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It is necessary to use a touch LCD screen, but it is discovered during the course of use that the LCD touch screen is not sensitive and has a slow response time.
1. determine whether or not the connection interface is loose.
2. Next, determine whether the serial port and the interrupt number are in conflict. Adjust your resources in order to avoid conflicts if they occur.
3. Check for cracks on the surface of the touch screen and replace them as soon as possible. Check to see if there is any dirt on the touch screen's surface, and wipe it down with a soft cloth if there is.
It's off the hook.
4. Check to see if the indicator light on the control box is functioning properly. During normal operation, the light is green and blinks.
If all of the above components are in working order, you can begin by replacing the control box, followed by replacing the touch screen, and finally replacing the host to check the touch screen again.
It is possible to differentiate between the capacitive custom LCD screen and resistance LCD screen, which can be evaluated according to their own situation:

The following maintenance procedures can be performed on the resistance LCD screen:
1) Verify that the connecting wire of the touch screen is properly connected, and also verify that the connecting wire of the keyboard port of the upper computer is properly connected (the working voltage of the touch screen is the key) Plate mouth 5 volts). b) Verify that both the connecting wires of the touch screen and the keyboard port of the upper computer are properly connected
Please double-check the cable connection.
2) Look at the light on the touch screen control box to see how it is behaving. If the light is not on or is flashing red, the control box is malfunctioning. It is necessary to substitute.
1) Please check to see if the above situation can be confirmed. If it cannot, please remove the touch screen driver, restart the computer, and reinstall the driver, or replace the driver with the latest version.
4) If there is a conflict between the device on the host and the serial port resources, check the hardware device and make the necessary adjustments. For example, after installing some network cards, the default setting may be changed.
Com2's interrupt request number is 3, which is in conflict with the interrupt request number for COM2. It is necessary to change the IRQ of the network card to Idle IRQ. Most likely a computer motherboard with a touch screen.
Control boxes are incompatible with one another. You should replace either the main engine or the mainboard.
5) If some areas of the touch screen cannot be touched after a long period of time (3-4 years), the touch screen may have been damaged. Please replace the touch screen with a new one.

The following maintenance procedures can be performed on the capacitive LCD screen:
1. square LCD touch screen response time is excessively long
After a long period of inactivity, the touch screen, or more specifically the finger touch screen behind the scenes, responds slowly.
One possible explanation is that there may be moving water droplets on the touch screen.
Use a soft, liver-dry cloth to clean it. It's also possible that the host is set too low, for example, by setting the clock frequency too low.
The main engine should be swapped out in this situation.
2. There is no local response on an custom LCD touch screen.
With the use of a touch screen, there was no response from somewhere behind the touch screen.
The reason for this is that the touch screen's reflective strip may be partially obscured.
It can be removed with a dry, soft cloth. It is also possible that the reflective strip on the touch screen is damaged.
The object has been scratched in parts and cannot be repaired.
3. The LCD touch screen worked perfectly, but the computer did not.

Even though the touch screen test passes, after connecting to the host, the computer will not boot up.
It is possible that the touch screen control card receives the operation signal before the host begins loading the touch screen driver, in which case the card simply needs to shut down and then restart the power.
The brain has the potential to be. Another possibility is that the touch-screen driver version is too old and you need to update it with the most recent driver.


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What is the best way to reset a Netgear router?

Posted by ishaa jarrey on July 14, 2021

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Follow the bit-by-bit manual to reset the Netgear router reset.

Prior to heading with the interaction, guarantee that the switch is ON. 

Presently, turn the switch around to confront its rear and search for the Reset button. 

Then, at that point, utilizing a paper cut, hold the reset button for 7-10 seconds. 

From that point forward, discharge the reset catch and sit tight for a reboot. 

Further, the force light will begin squinting during the reset interaction. 

Once the lights stable, it shows that the switch has default settings. 

After this interaction, the client can again take a stab at getting to the program or other online administrations to check if the issue continues or not.


word password remover

Posted by jamesnoah on July 14, 2021

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Is it worth becoming a full-stack developer?

Posted by Careerera Online on July 14, 2021

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Yes, Becoming a full-stack developer is worth it. Without a full-stack web developer, Any company will not be able to implement and execute the elaborate blueprint designs which their committees have created. To have more details, read out the following blog.

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Brush Cutter for Home Gardening

Posted by Pankaj Chandak on July 14, 2021

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Maintaining a good garden or yard isn’t easy without having proper tools, Brush cutter are the ideal choice for cutting unwanted long grass. They make it much easier for users to maintain their land, they are powerful machines that allow you to finish faster without having to go through the area again and again. Brush Cutter helps to maintaining large and small areas, cutting and trimming grass and weeds around trees and keeping the garden tidy, Brush Cutter is a fuel saving device which is also highly durable. For more details contact




Recover EDBmail

Posted by polly on July 14, 2021

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The most effective method to learn how to recover edbemail is to download GSTECH EDB Recovery software, which offers a powerful feature for recovering EDBmail with just a single move. This software is ideal for Exchange users that need to recover corrupted Exchange Priv1 and Pub1 EDB documents in an efficient way. The software was compatible with every version of PST file until 2019.

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Shimla and Manali tour packages from Delhi

Posted by shimlaandmanalitour on July 13, 2021

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How do I talk to a Hertz representative?

Posted by Reservationssticket on July 13, 2021

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If you want to talk to a Hertz real person, need to dial 1- 802-831-3010. The Hertz car rental representative available 24 hours. Hertz car rental customer service would like to listen to any feedback or experience about Hertz products and services. You can call, msg or send an email anytime to sort any kind of queries immediately. For more info, visit-

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PDS OST to PST Converter Software

Posted by himanshi das on July 13, 2021

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PDS OST to PST Converter Software It powerfully handles all corruption issues of the OST Files by removing and fixing all OST file issues and converts all OST files to PST EML, MSG, MBOX, HTML and PDF according to your needs and the demand of the situation you can must try the free demo version of the converter and convert 30 emails for free also. It also provides a free demo version to all the users More information visit link

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Vince Carter is dressed in a Los Angeles Lakers uniform

Posted by Clement Bush on July 13, 2021

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Gamers can access the NBA 2K21 demo by navigating to the appropriate game store on their internet-connected console. The PlayStation Store is the place to go for PS4 users. On the Xbox One, the Microsoft Store is the place to go. The Nintendo Game Store is the official online store for the Nintendo Switch.

You must have a valid store account that is associated with your specific game console in order to play. You can also use the links provided below to locate the demo in the appropriate console's store and have it available for download on the console. Just make sure you're logged in to the Store before proceeding.

In addition to Kobe Bryant's Lakers, there's also the all-time Boston Celtics, providing gamers with an incredible matchup to compete against. Only two other teams are included, and both are potential opponents in the NBA Finals. Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks, as well as Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers, are both available.

The MyTeam trailer for cheap NBA 2K21 MT has been released online.
A look at in-game highlights featuring stars from the past, present, and future can be found in the NBA 2K21 MyTeam trailer. With MyTeam, gamers can put together one-of-a-kind lineups, bringing together players who have never played together before in order to put together the best possible roster for competition.

We see the next-generation cover star Zion Williamson teaming up with the current-generation cover star Damian Lillard in a pair of eye-catching red and black uniforms. Some players, such as Russell Westbrook and Kevin Garnett, are wearing team jerseys that they have never worn before in their careers. A Toronto Raptors jersey is worn by Devin Booker, while a Philadelphia 76ers jersey is worn by the late Kobe Bryant near the end of the trailer.

The game mode is referred to as Limited because each week of the game mode will have a different lineup restriction. Could this mean that only players from specific divisions are allowed to participate, or that certain types of cards are not allowed to be used? It has the potential to be an interesting competition.

With each victory in MyTeam Limited, players are awarded a prize. They can choose to keep that prize or enter it in a drawing for a chance to win one of two mystery prizes. It's possible that's the Championship Ring, or something else entirely. It is possible that the outcome will be worse than the original prize you were awarded.

Damian Lillard provided feedback on the cheap NBA 2K21 MT gameplay and requested that PG's MyCareer height be increased.
Lillard, a five-time All-Star, stands 6-foot-2 and plays with tremendous power. This season, he has averaged 30 points, eight assists, and more than four rebounds per game. Despite the fact that Lillard is of average height for an NBA point guard, he actually prefers the option of having a taller player in charge of things in NBA 2K21 MyCareer.

In fact, Lillard informed the 2K developers of this as part of his feedback after participating in the mode. They appear to have taken notice, as the maximum height for a created PG is now 6-foot-8.

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