Same day Agra Tour

Posted by Shiv on December 30, 2019

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Same day Agra tour by car can be more enjoyable if you hire a taxi. Once you reach the railway station, your taxi service provider in Agra will send a taxi for you. It will surely provide an efficient and convenient transportation option. You can book a taxi in advance so that you can start your trip right after reaching Agra station. 


Best thing about Delhi to Agra Taxi

Posted by Manish on December 28, 2019

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The ideal option for people travelling to a destination with friends or family would hire a cab from a reliable company in the market as it’s comfortable and safe. By booking a Delhi to Agra cab service, you can be well assured of reaching your intended drop-in optimal time, within a budgeted cost and most important of all, stressed free and relaxed journey. Our taxi service interface is user-friendly and will let complete your booking cab online with ease in just of few clicks. And all this will be done at the most reasonable cost and with full transparency.

If you are travelling from the bus and train you need patience to reach there because they don’t drive to your suitability. So you should hire Delhi to Agra taxi if you don’t want to waste your time by travelling to public transport. Visit this website for best affordable tour packages You can book tour packages as per your requirement and budget. Get one of the most beautiful experiences by visiting the Taj City. Delhi to Agra you can easily travel by taxi. You can discount by booking online taxi service. If you rent a taxi service from the local taxi stand, you have to make sure about one-way taxi fare because they always charge for both sides.

We maintain all categories of taxi-like Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, and Tempo Traveller. Along with this a truly remarkable experience is assured as our drivers are expert and have polite and humble approach by taking the service cabs. You will not only get world-class convenience but also a wonderful trip along with your dear ones. You can book a taxi at Homecabs to visit these popular getaways covered in one day trip. Explore our attractive intercity packages and discounts that are tailor-made for our customer's most popular itineraries.

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Activated calcium carbonate

Posted by Mewar Microns on December 24, 2019

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Mewarmicrons manufacturer of Calcium Carbonate - We provide premium quality of Activated Calcium Carbonate (ACC - CaCo3) which is known for the purity as well as the ease with which it can be used in multiple applications of Rubber industry, Sealants, and mastics, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic industry, Cosmetics, etc.

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coated calcite manufacturer in india

Posted by Mewar Microns on December 24, 2019

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Mewar Microns is the best-coated calcite & calcite manufacturer in India also we are dealing with activated & precipitated calcium carbonate. We offer is very well known for the purity as well as the ease with which it can be used in multiple applications such as in the plastic industry and many other areas.

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Calcium carbonate, Micronised calcite, Calcium Carbonate Suppliers

Posted by Mewar Microns on December 24, 2019

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Mewar Microns is one of the best-micronized calcite & calcium carbonate manufacturer in India - We offer fantastic quality Micronized industrial minerals powder like Micronized Calcite Powder, Coated calcite, Coated calcite powder and all your other industrial minerals and micronized minerals needs for Plastic Paint and Paper Industry.


Combat hair loss with PRP Treatment

Posted by Priya Sharma on December 24, 2019

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Many people are curious to know about the cost of PRP treatment for hair loss Gurgaon. The prices vary from patient to patient as every patient has different requirements. Generally, the PRP treatment cost in Gurgaon depends on factors such as the target area, the gender of the patient, the techniques used during the procedure, the number of sessions. Visit SB Aesthetics to find the best results from the hair loss treatment. At the clinic, the professionally trained staff is friendly and hospitable to ensure that they receive world-class treatment. For more information, about combat hair loss with PRP treatment visit today!


Visit here: Cost of PRP Treatment for Hair Loss Gurgaon


Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Gurgaon

Posted by Priya Sharma on December 18, 2019

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Visit SB Aesthetics to get best cosmetic surgery from the best cosmetic surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr. Shilpi Bhadani. She is a reputed expert in plastic and cosmetic surgery with more than a decade of experience in the field. The treatment is provided with the best state-of-the-art equipments for optimal results. The treatments are provided under the supervision of a well-reputed cosmetic surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr. Shilpi Bhadani.


Best Liposuction Surgeon in Gurgaon

Posted by Priya Sharma on December 16, 2019

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Liposuction is a surgical procedure to remove unwanted fat from the body which results in contoured body shape. Surgery sculpts the body by removing the stubborn fat pockets from tummy, arms, flanks, buttocks, hips, love handles, saddlebags, neck, and face. The procedure can be performed over both males and females. It is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures, but the procedure require expertise. Visit SB Aesthetics to get treatment from the best liposuction surgeon in Gurgaon, Dr. Shilpi Bhadani.

Environmental Education

State Birds of India map

Posted by Arindam Aditya on December 13, 2019

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I am Arindam Aditya from West Bengal.
Recently, I made an awareness or educational poster on - 'State birds of India' . Name and image of all state birds in a same map.  

I think it is a complied way to share the basic knowledge about state birds among students, teachers, bird or wildlife / environment activists and common people.

It is my humble request to all people including you that, if anyone use the poster then please plant at least 10 trees by yourself / themselves. That 10 trees are my cost of honor and for all photographers behind the images.

I would like to share to publish the poster through Indian Wildlife Club.

Thanking you, with regards.


For high resolution and printable versions please contact

Arindam Aditya

Biodiversity research officer
Uttarakhand State Biodiversity Board
Dehradun, Uttarakhand

OTHER ARTICLES - The product store of offering video CDs, books, calendars, and silver bird artifacts.


Email to a friend.

nature/wildlife films

Subscribe to our channel

Posted by Susan Sharma on December 12, 2019

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Please subscribe to your Club's own YouTube channel with over 230 videos uploaded.  All the videos relate to nature and wildlife.  

Click on the subscribe button on the channel and also click on the bell button next to it so that you receive notifications whenever we upload a new video.

All that you need to subscribe is a gmail address.  Log in with your gmail id and click on the channel

Here are some of our latest uploads

Writer, Speaker, Traveller, all for the love of wildlife 

London Wetland Centre

 Music for the Wild


2500 Years Ago


Red Crested Pochards Arrive in Delhi



Subscribe to our channel and click on the bell button next to it to be notified of our new uploads

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