Man Animal Conflict

Man Elephant Conflict

Posted by Ankur Chaturvedi on July 02, 2005

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I am an Executive with a multi national Tea Company posted in the plantations. My estate is at the forefrunt of Man-Elephant conflict. Wild heards regularly stray into human habitation causing damage to life and property. The local popyulation and even the forest department resort to very cruel means to drive away the elephants.

I believe that this problem is related to the enfringment of humans into the habitat of elephants and not the oter way round.

I have devised methods to control the wild heards and even loners without cousing any harm to the animals. Unfortunately I am not getting a positive response from either the Authorities or the local population to test and implement my proposals.

I shall be obliged for your assistance in the subject.

Ankur Chaturvedi
Sr Assistant Manager
Tata Tea Ltd.
Dam Dim Tea Estate
PO- Dam Dim Jalpaiguri
WB- 735209
Phone- 03562-221305(O) 03562-221294(R) +919434184843(MOB)

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