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Khirsu: An offbeat and hidden jewel of Uttarakhand

Posted by traveltoindia on January 12, 2021

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Travel to india is a leading car rental in india service provider which provides all types of luxury.....

Nature and Spirituality

Toll free number of Roadrunner email problems

Posted by Jack Jons on January 12, 2021

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There are a lot of features that Roadrunner email accounts offer you, which other services providers don't provide, for instance a Roadrunner mail account gives you an inbox with flexible storage in GB so which keeps on increasing with time. There are many types of Roadrunner mail support service modules listed on our RR Email support that you can make use to resolve Roadrunner email problems on your own. These modules have detailed instructions provided for a number of problems that people generally face with their Roadrunner email account. In terms of genuineness these self-help modules are indeed one of the best options to go by to get the most appropriate conclusion for your issues. For info please visit Roadrunner email Support website and put your RR mail problems to an end.

For info please visit RR email web page and put your TWC email problems to an end.

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Further, Our AOL Customer Service experts will fix your AOL Email problems. Dial our AOL Mail Support number and put your queries to an end at reasonable prices.

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Self Drive car Rental In Delhi For Trip

Posted by Neha Sharma on January 11, 2021

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There are a large number of self drive car rental companies in India and each one has its own set of unique features for travelling. Both self drive and chauffer service options are available from Delhi Rent Car Company.Book Best car on rent for trip without any problem.



Travel Guide For Udaipur: Cool Things To Do There

Posted by Vinod Sharma on January 11, 2021

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Many car rental agencies offer you a large fleet of vehicle transportation to choose from in the capital city of India, Delhi is a major hub of car rental company. Delhi itself is a pleasant and wonderful one. We provide our customers best car Services for Udaipur trip. This is a good chance to book your best one car for your journey on rent from a car rental in Delhi.


How to convert EDB to PST manually

Posted by David Boon on January 11, 2021

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Convert EDB to PST Using Exchange Admin Center

This is the most direct method to export an EDB file to a PST file. Here is the process:

Log in to Exchange Admin Center as an administrator.

Go to the permissions tab and then click admin roles.

Under admin roles, go to Recipient Management and click (+).

Under the Role Group wizard, click the (+) option under the Roles option.

Select the Mailbox Import Export Role and click the add button. Then click OK.

Now you can see the Mailbox Import Export role under Recipient Management.

Now, go to recipients, select mailboxes, and choose any mailbox you wish to export. Then, click more (•••) and select the option Export to a PST file

Browse a mailbox which you want to export.

Provide the path of a shared folder.

Select a mailbox which will get an email after successful conversion. Finally, click Finish. The mailbox content will be migrated to the PST file.

I hope this manual method will be useful to convert EDB to PST

David Boon


How to do IMAP migration to Office 365 manually

Posted by David Boon on January 11, 2021

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IMAP to Office 365 Migration using Office 365 Admin Center

Now, let’s see how to migrate IMAP mailboxes from Office 365 admin center. Follow the below steps:

Go to Office365.com and sign in with Admin credentials.

Now, navigate to Setup in the menu and select Data Migration.

On clicking Data Migration, the “Select your data service” dashboard will appear on the screen. If your email provider is listed in it, then select it.

After selecting the email provider, you’ll be redirected to select users.

Select the users that you want to migrate and fill the email alias & password.

Click “Start Migration” at the left corner of the wizard after entering the required information.

The migration status will be any of these: Starting – Queued – Syncing – Synced. When the status comes to Synced, click “Stop Migration” to finish the process. Once the process is complete, click “Close Connection.” Learn how to switch from GoDaddy to Office 365 in detail.

I hope this method will be useful to migrate GoDaddy to Office 365 manually

David Boon


What are the benefits of hosting QuickBooks Pro on Cloud?

Posted by David Boon on January 11, 2021

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QuickBooks Pro is a popular accounting software that is trusted by thousands of businesses in the USA. It is designed especially to meet the requirements of small and medium businesses (SMBs). It boasts a range of features like billing, accounts payables/receivables, and financial reporting. However, hosting your QuickBooks Pro on the cloud offers a complete and powerful business solution with benefits like remote access, increased data security, better performance, and more. 

Some of the benefits of Hosting QuickBooks Pro on cloud

1. Efficient Expense Management

It gets all the more easy to have efficient cash management with QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting. The payment information and due dates for the recurring bills can be managed better with the help of the software. The customer’s bank accounts can be directly linked to checks printed from QuickBooks. It also offers a  plethora of tracking and management tools which in turn help to maintain the company’s expenses. Using QuickBooks Pro cloud gives access to tracking outstanding vendor bills and also the payments that have been completed. Checks can also be printed in bulk directly from the software.

 2.Round-the-clock Remote Access

This is literally the most coveted feature of cloud hosting of any of your favorite software. By having a device connected to the internet, you can manage your data and services from any aloof corner at any odd hour of the day. Time and geographical locations aren’t a hurdle anymore if you are on the cloud. QB Pro hosting on the cloud makes life a lot easier as it provides round-the-clock data availability and access to all the transactions, data, and input.

3. Effective sales invoicing

With QuickBooks Pro, customers can monitor and track deals and make receipts, invoices automatically. Customers can also play out an e-exchange in the form of an email to send an invoice. With QB Pro on the Cloud, the variability in the option of individual and bulk billing is also available.

4. User-Friendly

When it comes to switching to a new software, one thing that every customer desires is for it to be user-friendly. Even if the given software is highly equipped yet has a jargon of steps to perform, not many would want to opt for it. But, this isn’t something that you need to worry about when using QuickBooks Pro. It is designed to support accountants in the most ideal manner and is easy-to-use. QB Pro comes with a virtual introduction process, and most of its features can be accessed and activated with just a single click.

I hope this informartion will be helpful!



Hindi Blogs

self drive car rental

Posted by Neha Sharma on January 11, 2021

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We are providing all the cars for self drive. If you are also looking for a self drive car rental in Delhi ...


Hindi Blogs

self drive car rental

Posted by Neha Sharma on January 11, 2021

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We are providing all the cars for self drive. If you are also looking for a self drive car rental in Delhi ...



How to convert NSF files to PST manually

Posted by David Boon on January 11, 2021

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Manual Method to Convert NSF Files into PST Files

The manual method to convert NSF files into PST files is performed in two stages.

Export NSF files from Lotus Notes to an intermediate CSV file

Import the intermediate CSV file into MS Outlook

Step I: Export NSF Files to CSV

To export NSF files from Lotus Notes, perform the steps given below

Launch IBM Lotus Notes program.

Click File > Open > Louts Notes Application.

In the Open Application window, browse for the required NSF file and click Open. The selected NSF file gets opened.

Now, on the File menu, click Export.

On Export dialogue box, enter the file name, file location, and saving type.

Select the Comma Separated Value format for the file.

A dialogue box CSV Export gets open. Select the required options from How much to export, Export Character Set and Detail to Incorporate sections. Click OK.

The exported data gets saved in CSV file gets saved in the defined location.

Step II: Import CSV File into Outlook

Import the Intermediate CSV file into MS Outlook by following the steps:

Launch MS Outlook program.

On the File menu, click Open & Export, and then click Import/Export.

An Import and Export Wizard dialogue box pops up. Select Import from another program or file from the options. Click Next.

Select Comma Separated Values as file type and click Next.

Click Browse and select the path for CSV file created earlier using the Export command of Lotus Notes.

Select the Outlook folder where you want to save your exported data and click Next.

Select the given checkbox in the Import a file dialogue box and click Finish. Learn more about different Microsoft 365 migration in detail.

I hope this method will be helpful!




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