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What is NETGEAR ProSupport for Business?

Posted by Samantha A. Short on May 21, 2021

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The NETGEAR ProSUPPORT for Business offerings provide you with peace of mind by extending and enhancing the standard warranty or support coverage included with your product purchase. With ProSUPPORT, you get 24/7 direct access to NETGEAR technical support engineers who can rapidly resolve technical issues both big and small. Connect with the people that have built your products and build the relationship that will contribute to your business success.

NETGEAR extends your initial 90-day technical support with the OnCall 24x7 Tech Support package. OnCall 24x7 services are conducted by phone, chat and email, to solve any of your technical challenges. In addition, NETGEAR will proactively send you alerts about any newly released firmware updates to make sure that you are able to plan in advance, download and upgrade at your earliest convenience.

If you have questions or need any assistance troubleshooting, just visit: Orbi Wifi Login | Linksys Setup

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which is the best EDB to PST Converter

Posted by haileleon smith on May 21, 2021

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Try now Enstella Exchange EDB to PST Converter Software. This is very help full tool for those whose  could have wanted the best tool for convert and repair EDB file to PST file. This app can easily convert multiple EDB file into PST outlook and repair corrupt and damaged file. This utility provides an interesting feature which removes the additional overhead of importing the Converted PST file into the exchange server.

Get Freeware to click here-


How to recover Google account?

Posted by camilobee on May 21, 2021

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How do I get my Google account back?

Google account is mandatory to get access to online or web products. For this reason, it is a widely used account and has a strong user base. However, sometimes people face issues like forgetting the password or could not able to log in. 


Here you can easily recover the account, but How do I recover my Google account? There are simple steps that you have to direct. You can read the steps below.

Steps To Get Google Account Back 

Go to the official page of Google 

Click on the login page, here provide the ID and last remember password 

Next click on the method to recover the password or “Forget password” 

Further, you can see the different ways to recover the account. But, here you have to choose one, like if you want to change password with number, then select the method for it. Now, you can go ahead and choose any other way too, if you don’t have remembered the registered number 

Before it, you have to cross the two-step verification. In this you will receive the code, then you have to move to a space where you have to mention the code

Next, go to the recover option and set the new password and confirm the new password 


In this way, you can complete the process of Google Account Recovery and also You can connect with the live person through chat too and get instant solutions. Though, you can opt only for this when you are not able to perform the above steps.


Cookie Clicker 2

Posted by schroedermcken on May 21, 2021

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I would recommend this game to you!

Join your friends in the game Cookie Clicker 2

Free online game with creative and extremely unique gameplay

I think you like it too ^^

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7z password recovery

Posted by SophieWatson on May 20, 2021

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If you're confused and can't figure out how to recover your 7z file, let me recommend the best 7z password recovery tool. eSoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software has all of the necessary features to restore a 7z password quickly and without causing any data loss. This tool uses a variety of methods to retrieve passwords, including brute force, mask attack, and dictionary attack.








Man Animal Conflict

Fundraising campaign to save wildlife and farmer lifes

Posted by Katidhan Tech on May 20, 2021

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"Katidhan is a young startup from Bengaluru that is researching and building innovative sustainable technological solutions to keep wild animals away from agricultural areas without causing them any harm thus reducing large scale economic losses faced by farmers due to wildlife attacks. Their innovations have been recognized by ELEVATE by Gov.of Karnataka, AIC by Startup India, IIMB NSRCEL and other Clean Energy Forums. Due to an increase in biodiversity loss, there has been a steadfast increase in human-wildlife interactions in India. These interactions often end up tragically both for humans and wild animals due to applied economic losses that it leads to in the agricultural sector. Annually, there are about 4000 crores of Crop losses only due to wild animal attacks in India that leads to a reduction in agricultural income by over 40% for farmers. In retaliation, the farmers use electrification, cracker bombs and other violent methods that lead to wild animal deaths across the country.Thereby keeping this problem as a central focus, the company has worked with several scientists from NIAS, IISc and after some rigorous testing of their innovations, launched solar powered light and bio acoustic sound systems that would attack the behavior of animals such as elephants, wild boars, nilgai, leopards, tigers etc and deter them away without causing them any harm.They have launched two products - Parabraksh (Solar Powered Smart Autonomous Deterrent Light for larger wild animals) and Kapikaat (Solar Powered Autonomous Bio Acoustic Sound System for monkeys). These products have been widely accepted across the country especially Parabraksh. Both the devices can be easily mounted anywhere on the agricultural land.Their systems are now installed in more than 10 states across India and helping farmers gain around 140% profits with extremely quick ROI. More than 500 farmers have got access to their technology and they are now working with Maharashtra and Ladakh State forest departments on large scale installations of the same.However this technology is still not accessed by small holding farmers and tribals living closer to forest areas who often become a central part of the Human-wildlife conflict. Therefore Katidhan has collaborated with regional NGOs from Odisha, Maharashtra and Karnataka and is assisting them raise funds to get access to this technology.In this COVID-19 crisis along with the disruptions in the healthcare system, the livelihood sustenance of farmers has also taken a big hit. To support them Katidhan has launched a crowdfunding campaign in partnership with EKTA NGO (Koraput, Odisha) and Swayam Shikshan Prayog (Pune, Maharashtra) with a target of supplying 100 small scale and marginal farmers with their technology. The funds raised will directly go into the manufacturing and supply logistics of Parabraksh to the farmers in their agricultural lands.Ekta plays a role of a catalyst and adopts a participatory approach for advancing the cause of the vulnerable, creating opportunity and building up their capacity. The organization is prevalent in 238 villages in 45 gram panchayats in the tribal dominated districts of  Koraput, Rayagada and Bolangir districts through interventions in agriculture, health, education and women and child.
Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) is a learning and network non–profit that builds capacities and supports grassroots women to drive its program in key sectors. SSP impacted 200,000 women, 5.5 million people across 7 climate-threatened states. Women’s earnings have tripled and they are recognized as decision makers locally with better health, nutrition and basic services.Through this campaign Katidhan along with the regional stakeholders wants to equip farmers with high impact technology thus safeguarding their income, life, savings and parallely protecting wild animals from any harm. COVID-19 has amplified the losses as many do not have access to such technologies and also to relevant human resources or department helplines that would assist them in such wild animal attacks.You can also help contribute to this cause by visiting the link:"


How do I get In touch with Google customer service?

Posted by camilobee on May 20, 2021

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How do I get In touch with Google?

Google is one of the world’s largest internet-related service providers. It has been providing services that have proved to be user-friendly. Almost every person seems to be using the services provided by Google. Since it provides one of the best services, the popularity of Google has been increasing day by day. 

Google has also started offering its products which seem to be making people’s lives easier. Now, all the Google products and services work absolutely flawlessly, but still, you may have some issues with them or you may have some queries regarding the working of the same. 


Whatever issue or query you have, you can always contact the customer service of Google. Customers have always been a priority for Google, therefore it believes in providing satisfactory customer services to its customers. So, are you dealing with a Google-related issue or query? Are you wondering, how do I get a human at Google? Well, if that’s what your problem is, then there’s no problem. It is quite easy to reach Google customer service. Continue reading to know how you can contact the customer service of Google. 

Google customer service-

As a user of Google’s services and products, you hold a complete right to contact the customer service of Google whether it is for a trivial issue or an issue that creates havoc in your life. 

Search “Google Help” on your web browser and you will reach the help page of Google. 

There you will see a “describe your issue” box. There you can describe your issue and you will find the solution to your problem online. 

You can also choose the topic on which you need help from the list of topics given there, and you will be provided with the solution to your problem.

You will have to give a call on the helpline number provided by Google to talk to a helpful representative and they will help you with the solution to your issue or query. 

So, you can reach out to the customer service of Google for any query or issue you have. Whether you are not able to perform Google account recovery or your account got hacked, Google customer service is there for you in every


Weekend Gateways from Delhi – Delhi Tempo Travels

Posted by Ajay on May 20, 2021

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Delhi, Capital of India is an assortment of different religion, their cultures with a welcoming heart. But this is not only the reason behind its popularity and increasing number of tourist by passing years. It is an international metropolitan city with skyscraper buildings, Shopping malls, wonder places, multiplexes and many historical monuments. You can go for Delhi sightseeing tour or Delhi Darshan with Luxury Tempo Traveller Hire for 1/2/3 days. Master in development and urbanization, Delhi is connected with metro line with mostly all its locations, that keeps Delhi fast and connected with states at boundaries sharing with it.

Mobile: +91-9013373931




Excel Password Recovery

Posted by SophieWatson on May 20, 2021

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Want to recover excel xlsx file password? Install this eSoftTools Excel Password Recovery Software on your device and regain the lost or forgotten password quickly. It’s three password recovery techniques:- brute force, mask attack, and dictionary attack helps to recover an excel password fast and in a secure way. You can recover any excel file extension passwords with its help and it supports all versions of windows and MS- Excel. 



How Much Does it Cost to Cancel A Lufthansa Flight

Posted by mishki on May 20, 2021

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Sometimes, the plan you have made gets canceled. After canceling a plan, you would cancel your flight as well. However, how easily you can cancel your flight depends on the airline you have booked the ticket with.

If you have booked a flight with Lufthansa Airlines, then continue reading to know what is Lufthansa cancellation policy


Cancellation policy of Lufthansa-

If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the purchase of the ticket, then you will not have to pay any cancellation fees. 

  • After 24 hours, Lufthansa will charge $200 to $800 to cancel a flight depending on the flight ticket you have purchased. 
  • The holders of non-refundable tickets will only receive the tax part of the ticket as a refund. 

So, above mentioned are some of the points covered under the cancellation policy of Lufthansa. For further information, reach the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.

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