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Pune youths’ anti-poaching device promises to help save tigers (January Week #2 (2015))
PUNE: Two engineers, a biology student and a product designer have teamed up to make a collar device that will help tigers protect themselves from metal traps, electrocution and poisoning — the three most widely used means of poaching.

Seizure of leopard pelt raises concern (January Week #2 (2015))
MADURAI: Seizure of a leopard pelt at Oddanchatram in the district on Tuesday has turned out to be a cause of concern for wildlife enthusiasts in the region as they suspect a network of poachers operating in the region.

Electronic waste from homes turning city into toxic dump (January Week #2 (2015))
While pollution control boards have put in much effort into creating efficient systems for the storage and disposal of hazardous waste generated by industries, there is virtually no method whereby hazardous domestic waste is treated. Batteries, cell-phones,
old mixers and expired medicines find their way into city landfills, where chemicals percolate into ground-water and rivers.

Delhi’s polluted air may force Obama to stay indoors (January Week #2 (2015))
NEW DELHI: Amid reports that the US may curb President Barack Obama's early morning schedule during his visit to Delhi later this month, air pollution monitoring agencies said the levels of 'PM2.5' or fine, respirable particles that get lodged in the lungs
are likely to be in the range of moderate to high in the period while he's here.

Air quality, because of the high pollution in the city, is routinely rated by the US embassy pollution monitor as "poor" — in other words, unhealthy. It's in that context there is speculation that the US authorities here could
seek to curtail Obama's "outdoor activities" during his visit.

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