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Chat on "Sharing of Experiences by our wilderness volunteers" dated May 18, 2014
  • Susan Sharma: Hi Amol
  • Amol Albate: Hi Susan
  • Susan Sharma: Amol, you are a volunteer?
  • Amol Albate: how are you doing?
  • Susan Sharma: Fine, thank you
  • Amol Albate: i m not a volunteer however interested to be
  • Susan Sharma: Good. The Meghat program in Maharashtra is on hold currently.
  • Susan Sharma: WRCS is trying to get it resumed as soon as possible.
  • Amol Albate: OK
  • Susan Sharma: Why do you want to volunteer?
  • Amol Albate: I am from Pune. Exploring wildlife is my passion.
  • Susan Sharma: Have you been a member of IWC for long?
  • Amol Albate: i have participated in Bhimashankar census last year
  • Susan Sharma: Tell us about the experience in Bhimashankar
  • Amol Albate: the experience was good
  • Susan Sharma: How long did you spend in the forest?
  • Amol Albate: though we couldn't sight more wildlife
  • Amol Albate: i learned many things
  • Susan Sharma: Was it a wild mammal census?
  • Amol Albate: like what is waterholes census and how it is organized
  • Amol Albate: yes it was
  • Susan Sharma: You count the natural waterholes and note the locations? I have never been on a mammal census. So tell me
  • Susan Sharma: Welcome anirban
  • Amol Albate: it was a night activity where in all volunteers were given diffrant locations
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: Would love to hear more on the volunteering activity
  • Amol Albate: three volunteers on each waterhole with one forest guard
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: Amol what drives you to take up this activity?
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: Also please share your learnings
  • Amol Albate: l love jungle and wildlife
  • Amol Albate: let it be animals, birds, reptiles
  • Amol Albate: participating in a census was my dream from long time
  • Amol Albate: i just dont like gypsy rides and photography
  • Amol Albate: though i do photography just to collect moments ant to keep records
  • Susan Sharma: You are a true nature lover, Amol
  • Amol Albate: i like to watch wildlife as close as possible just like one of them
  • Amol Albate: learn abt there behavior and understand them
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: That's great Amol, what did u learn?
  • Amol Albate: i was very nervous after attending bhimashankar census
  • Amol Albate: because we could not saw much wildlife or wildlife activity
  • Amol Albate: we saw only one rabbit and one samber deer
  • Susan Sharma: In how many days?
  • Amol Albate: almost same condition with all waterholes
  • Amol Albate: that was one night activity
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: Sorry if u have already answered this before I joined, so u were supposed to count wildlife around the waterhole?
  • Amol Albate: yes
  • Susan Sharma: Did you spend at least a week inside the forest?
  • Amol Albate: that proved urgency of wildlife conservation
  • Susan Sharma: Presence of four people near the waterhole would have kept animals away.
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: Susan what is the objective in Melghat volunteering?
  • Amol Albate: i will be glad, if that the resone.
  • Amol Albate: yes susan
  • Amol Albate: please advise about melghat volunteering act.
  • Susan Sharma: the objective is to patrol the forest not census
  • Susan Sharma: Patrolling is done along with forest guards
  • Amol Albate: great
  • Susan Sharma: Two volunteers to one guard
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: Is it for anti poaching activities ?
  • Susan Sharma: And the volunteers spend a minimum of one week inside the forest.
  • Amol Albate: OK
  • Susan Sharma:
  • Susan Sharma: Jayant Kulkarni of WRCS has done a chat session
  • Susan Sharma:
  • Susan Sharma: This session had good participation and was an FAQ of sorts
  • Amol Albate: thank you.
  • Amol Albate: Is there any contact pearson in pune, to get in touch with?
  • Susan Sharma: You can contact Jayant on his emai id or phone
  • Amol Albate: thank you.
  • Susan Sharma: Anirban do you have any volunteer experience to share?
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: No Susan I have never had the opportunity. But I would like to explore the possibility of getting involved in future
  • Susan Sharma: Wildlife Research and Conservation Society (WRCS) 1 A, Shreeyog Society 127/3, Sus Road Pashan Pune-411021 Maharashtra, India Office: +9120- 25871310/ 65222903 Fax: +9120-25871310 email: Website: and
  • Amol Albate: Thank you.
  • Susan Sharma: Sorry that no actual volunteers participated.
  • Susan Sharma: We also have a blog for volunteers
  • Susan Sharma: Some participants have sent in their reports.
  • Susan Sharma: But I thought a free wheeling chat will be interesting.
  • Susan Sharma: Actual volunteers of Melghat , I mean
  • Susan Sharma:
  • Amol Albate: nice, thank you.
  • Amol Albate: Susan my I ask you a question apart from our discussion topic today?
  • Susan Sharma: Yes of course
  • Amol Albate: Where do you find wildlife after 20 years? specially animals?
  • Amol Albate: will they be limited to national paeks, reserves and Zoos?
  • Amol Albate: i mean parks
  • Amol Albate: or we still can hope them to see in our nearbye jungles, valleys and hills?
  • Susan Sharma: They are already limited to N.Parks
  • Susan Sharma: Hi Vandana
  • Susan Sharma: Vandana had volunteered for Melghat
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: Hi, Susan.
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: I wanted to volunteer for Melghat.
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: But I was informed that ladies are not allowed.
  • Susan Sharma: Why?
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: At first, we were told that ladies will be allowed if accompanied by a male or a female accomplice - another known volunteer. But the rules were changed.
  • Amol Albate: Hi Vandana
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: Hi, Amol.
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: I suppose it was a pilot project and the organizers didn't want to take any risk.
  • Susan Sharma: But you have some volunteering elsewhere?
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: Yes. I volunteered for the Asian Water Bird Census in Delhi.
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: It basically covers the Okhla Bird Sanctuary and the banks of Yamuna.
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: This year was my second year.
  • Amol Albate: great
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: As for volunteering in Melghat - I was told that I will be informed once ladies are permitted to volunteer. Waiting :)
  • Amol Albate: how was the experience?
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: I like volunteering.
  • Susan Sharma: Tell us about the experience. Amol wants to know what will happen to urban wildlife after 20 years. I am optimistic amol
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: I was an amateur bird watcher who knew very less about birds before volunteering.
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: I too am optimistic.
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: Internet has made many things change. It is the best medium to make people aware and involved.
  • Amol Albate: ya true
  • Amol Albate: and i think awarness will definitely make difference
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: I have seen a rise in Bird Watching ever since I joined. Digital cameras, sharing the photographs on social networks, etc. attract people to such hobbies.
  • Susan Sharma: True.
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: Generating Awareness is the key
  • Amol Albate: that is true, there is significant rise in bird watching
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: Organizations like BNHS regularly post events on social networks. Even though I lived in Delhi, when I happened to visit Mumbai, I joined in their activity. It was lovely to see an Atlas Moth from such close quarters there.
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: Nature trails and adventure treks (including eco-tourism) have also chipped in.
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: BNHS organises such events in Delhi as well
  • Amol Albate: however dont you think the rise is limited to photography?
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: Yes. In Asola Bhatti. I attend them too. :)
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: Well, for people like me - photography is the start. Some or the other time you become interested in the subjects you photograph.
  • Amol Albate: you are right there are many organizations, they are trying there best to save our nature
  • Susan Sharma: photography helps you enter the world of the wild
  • Amol Albate: that is one the best things
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: However, volunteering still needs to be emphasised. I liked to volunteer because it was like learning in exchange of work.
  • ANIRBAN ROY CHOWDHURY: Helps you observe you subject and learn about their behaviour
  • Susan Sharma: Thank you Amol, Vandana and Anirban it was a good discussion.
  • Rao Vandana Parankusam: Thank you, Mam!
  • Susan Sharma: If there are no more comments, I can close the chat room
  • Amol Albate: thank you susan
  • Susan Sharma: Read the unedited transcript as soon as I close
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