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Chat on ""Role of Urban Birds"" dated April 18, 2008

    divyacoffee  Good Evening Sir,
    bagh  I am Abdul Rauf.
    bagh  Good evening Sir, I am a bit late.
    divyacoffee  Sir I actually dont know much about

    the present topic of discussion but am very well

    interested to participate
    bagh  I am also participating for the first time.

    The topic is "Role of urban birds"
    bagh  I do not know how many participants are

    Susan  Hello Friends
    bagh  Hello Susan.
    divyacoffee  Even i wonder how many are there.

    Good evening Susan
    Susan  Dr Hussain called in to stay he is stuck

    between Udaipur and Jaipur due to a vehicle breakdown
    Susan  So he is unable to come in for today's chat.
    zakir khan  gud evening everyone
    divyacoffee  Well how do we continue with the

    discussion ?
    Susan  He will however moderate a chat on role of

    urban birds next month
    Susan  So shall we postpone todays chat?
    bagh  Mr. Zakir Good Evening. What about today will

    the chat continue?
    zakir khan  i wud like too.....but i don knw much

    abt the topic
    bagh  Well you may postpone the chat.
    amlan  Hello there
    amlan  sorry for being late as I too am between

    field sites,,,
    divyacoffee  Very well We may chat on the same

    topic next month.
    amlan  was looking forwrd to meeting Dr. Hussain, I

    had the opportunity to work under him in Bharatpur

    NP, Rajasthan
    Susan  May be we can introduce ourselves before

    saying bye
    zakir khan  great ...
    amlan  So nothing,, was thinking of saying hi
    amlan  I am the Environment Manager of my port

    company ,,,
    amlan  will look forward to next month's chat
    divyacoffee  I am Divya Chandran, a Post

    graduation student in Environmental Science in Anna

    Susan  We can also share emails so that I make sure

    you are informed individually too about next month

    bagh  My name is Dr. Abdul Rauf a resident of

    Delhi. I am a Integrated Urban Pest Management

    Consultant. Presently on a visit to KSA to train pest

    management Professionals.
    amlan  And what about you Zakir
    zakir khan  M a software developer in an IT firm

    in pune..... My id :
    divyacoffee  my id is Its

    a great experience to get acquainted to all the

    bagh  My id is
    Susan  My id is
    Susan  I have a request to all of you. Please

    utilise the other interactive features of our club.

    You can write, edit and upload weblogs, trip reports

    etc yourselves.
    bagh  Thank you.
    Susan  If you have any problems you can always

    contact me.
    divyacoffee  Thank You.
    Susan  Please also suggest topics on which you would

    like chats organized
    zakir khan  thanks
    divyacoffee  I ll surely will
    Susan  Dr. Hussain wishes to say sorry to all of you

    . I also apologise on his behalf.
    bagh  It is all right. Convey our regards to him.
    Susan  Shall we say goodbye and meet next month?

    Thank you one and all
    bagh  Goodbye, Thanks to all of you.
    divyacoffee  Good Bye.Wish you all a good weekend.

    Thank you
     zakir khan   bye ...all see ya in r next chat



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