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Chat on "Green Living" dated March 15, 2015
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Hi..!
  • Susan Sharma: Welcome Kaushik
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Thank you
  • Susan Sharma: Kaushik is moderating our online chat on "Green Living".
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Is it just we two..?
  • Susan Sharma: He is is an interior designer who chooses his materials consciously to cause minimal damage to nature. He also suggests use of plants to purify air and improve oxygen levels.
  • Susan Sharma: So far yes two of us only. Please give an introduction about yourself and your work.
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Well, I have been designing interiors for some time now..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: about 25 years
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: and i was following the usual way..
  • Susan Sharma: What brought about a change in your thinking about interior designing?
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: oblivious of the impact on the nature
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: that's an interesting question Susan
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: though i am attached with an ngo
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: working on the issues of climate change and it's impact
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: it took me some time to realise that all of us...
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: can do... no, must do, our bit to make a change
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: not long time back i got interested in roof top veg garden
  • Susan Sharma: Was the NGO responsible for the change in your atttitude?
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: and i started to read more on the issue
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: yes
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: it's the repeated mail, the news letters
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: that one receives
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: you see
  • Susan Sharma: Welcome Sandeep
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: that's the catch
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Good evening Susan
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: hi Sandeep.. good evening
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Hi KoushikDa
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: hi
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: It seems like I have been late in joining
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: we all know the facts and numbers
  • Susan Sharma: You are just in time. Join in the conversation
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: but environment change is something that isn't always on the top of the list
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Is green living about creating sustainable choices to ensure a sustainable lifestyle?
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: it took me a long time to change my attitude
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: well Sandeep - Being eco friendly means not doing something that is harmful to the environment.
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: you may add any name before that tag
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: like interior design
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: yes but does that not include your life both inside and outside the home?
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: sustainable life style.. whatever you call it
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: it does
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: yes
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: we are equally responsible or whatever we do
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: its a matter of choice
  • Susan Sharma: For the urban people, I guess most time is spent inside houses and offices..
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: You say that environment change is not always on top of the list in such a situation
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: But that change has to happen anyway
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: for most of us, yes, we tend to push it down the list
  • Susan Sharma: Worse still, some of the important decisions regarding nature and environment are made by these people.
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: if we don't seriously take the initiative ourselves, no one will take the joint responsibility
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: as if nothing (wrong) is going to happen in my lifetime
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: correct
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: correct
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: but actually the situation is grave..quite alarming
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: how
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: and it's in our hands
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: to do every bit that we can
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: give me a few examples, Dada
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: education / awareness is vital
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: say for example
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Earlier CO2 fluctuated between about 180 ppm
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: during ice ages and 280 ppm during interglacial warm periods...
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: today i say a report (NASA) that says
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: in Feb 2015
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: we are about to touch 400 ppm
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: now that's phenomenal change
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: a major of it happened because we let it happen
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Does this particulate matter only emanate from various fuels only? Or are there other sources as well?
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: and again we are the one who can pull the chain and ring the alarm
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: industrial revolution ...
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: on of the causes..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: killing trees another...
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: There you go again! Sustained changes in lifestyles can ensure less ppm but again I think we are speaking in very vague terms.
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: use, over use and dependibility on gadgets etc..
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: and it is only a handful of conservationists and naturalists who understand this.
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: we definately need to change our life style
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: no two ways about that
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: however
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: it wont be easy to stop using cars
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: or avoid a steamy bath
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: the industrial revolution is a fast moving bullet train as of now, how do you stop the emanation of ppm now
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: or turn down the AC
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: you see
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: making people not to use those conveniences
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: that they have worked so hard for..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: is a difficult task...
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: So what U R saying is that changing our routine lifestyle to create a more sustainable lifestyle with less of pollution and more of purity is the way forward.
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: again there are hope
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: on one hand
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: we need to change our lifestyle
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: and the crave for more
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: and on the other hand we have
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: a few scientists
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: who are continuosly working on this
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: today there was a news
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: that says a car that runs on Thorium
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: will require to be re fuelled once in 100 years
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: As far as I C this issue, what we are doing here is just rhetoric! Can I suggest the practical and simple ways of creating a green living environment?
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: so there is hope
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: though, we belong to a subcultre
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: still we can possibly say the numbers are slowly increasing
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: we need to carry on hammering
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: as long as we live
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Susan what is your take on this?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Look, I will give a few pointers to creating a green living lifestyle:-
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: sure
  • Susan Sharma: I agree with Sandeep that there has been far too much rhetoric on ideas and very little action
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: true
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: even i agree on that
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: One, walk and cycle more than drive, thereby ensuring less of fuel consumption
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: yes
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Two, eating food, which is healthy and balanced, with less or no meat as far as possible
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Three, using paper bags instead of plastic contraptions
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: we are on the same page
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: like add somethin here
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Four, Replacing old clothes with organic or fair trade clothes
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: ood often travels across the country ...
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Food i mean..
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Five, buying energy efficient gadgets from ethical companies
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: before it reaches our local stores,
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Six, using bio fuels which are extremely healthier for the entire environment
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Seven, increased usage of solar panelling in our homes and offices
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Eight, increased usage of alternative sources of outdoor camping equipment, which are eco friendly in all aspects
  • Susan Sharma: kaushik, can you add to the list which Sandeep has made?
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: sure
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Participate in a community garden, or grow our own fruit and vegetables...
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Nine, discouraging people from smoking in public
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Donate clothes,
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: furniture or electronics you no longer use..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: participate in a trash recycling program in your community..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: carpool to work or social events..
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Ten, creating potted plants which give off increased levels of oxygen inside the home or residence
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: cut down your time in the shower..
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Yes trash recycling is very very important
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: turn off the tap when you brush your teeth and shave
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Refrain from increased wastage of food and water in all aspects
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: decrease the use of air conditioners and heaters
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: unplug appliances and chargers when not in use..
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Finally, the direction of human beings thought process is extremely vital to ensure a green living environment!!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: yes,
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: good work Sandeep..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: It would be wonderful if we can start (even in a small way)
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: to build awareness
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: educate our kids
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: It has been extremely exhilarating to join this discussion forum for me, because I have been practising all this as a Life Member Of Kaziranga Wildlife Society!
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Along with Dr Indrajit Sharma, Rajeev Saikia, Jayanta Dutta, S Nalla Muthu and Belinda Wright!!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: awesome..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: well Sandeep i must say, i consider myself standing on the first step..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: a long way to go..
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: And I wholeheartedly thank Susan Sharma for giving me the opportunity to write what I practice as KWS
  • Susan Sharma: Thanks, Sandeep
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Thank U KoushikDa, Thank U Susan Sharma!!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Thank you Sandeep..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: pleasure is mine..
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: God Bless Both Of U KoushikDa and Susan! Warmest Regards! Sandeep Ghosh.
  • Susan Sharma: Koushik, coming back to the urban scene, what would you advise the builder community with whom you must be having contacts in your practice?
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: yes.. the builder community..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: a) we need more of eco friendly products available in the market..
  • Susan Sharma: like..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: b) they need proper certification to authenticate that they are truely what they say say..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: like
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: KoushikDa where are you from? Calcutta? Because if the answer is yes, then the builders and promoters community here is anything but ethical!!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: i am in gurgaon
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: if you ask for an eco friendly paint..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: the leading companies do have something that they call zero VOC paint
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: that is not even near Low VOC
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: so, proper inspection and certification is important
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: which means that after the paint dries up, it becomes polluting for the atmosphere!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: i am yet to find a plywood
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: that is actually Green..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: fabrics
  • Susan Sharma: Welcome Shashi
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: very few who actually do what they say
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: LED lights are there
  • Susan Sharma: I think TERI has a rating system called GRIHA.. Are you using it?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: KoushikDa, there is a solution for that, but the journey has only just begun! There is a gent businessman who is experimenting with green fuels and green recyclable products for a more healthier environment! Only the political will is sorely missing in the form of encouragement!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: the less we talk about our political leaders, the better
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: even with the new political establishment in place!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: imagine we have to fight against our government..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: in convincing that..
  • Shashi Kant Sharma: I believe green building practices list using bricks with significant content of dust/ash from Thermal Plants, Also ventilation, natural lighting inside buildings, water recycling, harvesting
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: But this gent actually did manufacture GREEN BIO DIESEL AND GREEN BIO STEEL, which was a new strain of plywood!!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: it must spread in a micro level
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: need his contact..
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: any email/phone no..?
  • Shashi Kant Sharma: Water harvesting, using solar water heaters, providing insultation inside houses are also green building practices
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: where is he located..?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: His name is Tapas Porel CEO Airbridge Greens! I can procure his other contact info! He is based in Uluberia in Howrah District!!
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: His name is Tapas Porel CEO Airbridge Greens! I can procure his other contact info! He is based in Uluberia in Howrah District!!
  • Shashi Kant Sharma: KOushik any idea if currently available materials/building practices which reduce consumption of Water/Energy is a good beginning
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: that will be great..
  • Shashi Kant Sharma: Will the guys who rate green buildings consider this as rating credits?
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: How do I get in touch with you? KoushikDa are you there on Facebook? I am connected to Susan on FB!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Susan is in my friend list
  • Shashi Kant Sharma: Also will using UPVC Doors/Windows which provide better insulation, need no mainteenance for a decade+ will possibly be a green building practice
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Alright, I will send you a friend request, please accept it!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Sorry Sashi Kant didn't catch your question
  • Susan Sharma: Good Sandeep, I hope something fruitful comes out our chat!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Sandeep - sure
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Thank U
  • Shashi Kant Sharma: I guess I joined too late Koushik. Some other time
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Sandeep , Susan, Sashi Kant - great talking with you guys..
  • Sandeep Ghosh.: Pleasure is all mine! Good Night!
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: @ Sashi Kant - sure
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Good night everyone
  • Susan Sharma: Thank you all for a useful discussion. When I close the chat room, the unedited transcript will get uploaded automatically. Please refer the link to your friends.
  • Koushik Chattopadhyay: Cool..
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