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Chat on "Urban Wildlife" dated October 18, 2007

    Online chat on 18th October, 2007 moderated by Lima Rosalind of WWF(I)



     “Urban wildlife needs our support  with compassion and action for its survival.  

    We need to spread this message of tolerance, observation, learning and doing”




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    Susan  Welcome to Iwc chat on "Urban Wildlife" 

    ajitsesh  Hi,susan my well wishes 

    Susan  Welcome Ajit 

    ajitsesh  yes, this topic is good to brain storm... 

    Susan  I hope lots of people from delhi will come in 

    Rosalind  Hi Susan

    Susan  Welcome Lima

    Rosalind  Thank you and welcome Ajit 

    Susan  Hi shalin 

    ajitsesh  Hi Lima! what is urban wildlife ? to start with.... if we take the like for 

    components of wildlife it gives a different meaning!!

    shalin  hi ! welcome everyone 

    shalin  hi susan !

    shalin  wel wat is everyone waiting for ? 

    shalin  me is it ? 

    Susan  Lima go ahead

    Rosalind  Urban Wildlife is the denizens around any human urban conglomeration! 

    shalin  yeah i think thatz the best move  

    shalin  miss lima take the call 

    Susan  to me urban wildlife is the birds, butterflies, lizards etc in the backyard garden 

    ajitsesh  I think Lima can give good examples of the eco-system of urban wildlife to start

    with !! 

    shalin  basically is the wildlife which can try to survive with e vicious animal called


    shalin  is that right ? 

    Rosalind  for that matter sparrows coming to your balcony in the heart of Delhi is Wildlife

    too,though they are habituated to live around habitations! 

    shalin  true 

    Susan  Shalin, I think all wild animals are forced to do it these days! 

    shalin  but sparrows having a lot of support from people in mumbai 

    shalin  yeah taz true !! 

    Rosalind  Your little green space in your front yard or back yard which is home to a toad

    or a caterpillar is wildlife 

    ajitsesh  Hi, i am starting to list out the species which constitute and co-habitate with

    each other in the urban eco-system year after year some sort if an audit...!! 

    shalin  so wat is the purpose of the talk on urban wildlife ? 

    Rosalind  Yes that will be a great study 

    shalin  friends wat difference can we make today ? 

    shalin  anyone there ? 

    Rosalind  It up to us to think how tolerant w are towards all other species that habit this

    Earth along with us! 

    shalin  explain tolernce ? 

    Susan  Bring nature home wherever we are -flats, houses 

    Rosalind  WWF enabled a small pilot study for TERI University on sparrows in Delhi 

    ajitsesh  so our urban safari members have listed toad, frogs, sparrows, Lima you can say

    Bats also,, caterpillar, green spaces, leftover water-bodies, butterflies,urban-river i.e

    delhi's yamuna, ridges scapes, 

    shalin  well i think instead of bringing we shud allow the nature to stay n we shud bring

    ourselves in it 

    Susan  That is a better way of putting it, Shalin 

    shalin  teri university ? 

    shalin  sure go ahead 

    Rosalind  Though the study did not throw up any mind-boggling fact 

    shalin  susan ajitesh n lima only three people apart from me in al of india have time for

    urban wildlife ? 

    ajitsesh  i think the wildlife species are there in urban scapes but find it difficult to

    survive due to human pollution is it!! 

    Rosalind  more that pollution its attitude, I would say 

    shalin  well al this are silent facts 

    Rosalind  Secondly how are we enabling these species to survive? 

    Susan  Lima tell us how we urbanites can give space to wildlife in our homes, schools,

    colleges, factories etc 

    shalin  sure susan 

    Rosalind  by putting up bird boxes 

    ajitsesh  shalin , i get your point , let us get down to some fact gathering from Lima,

    Lima tell us how best can community exert initiatives to enjoy urban wildlife!! 

    Susan  By not I repeat not feeding birds 

    Rosalind  firstly by observing their own homes, neighbourhoods, parks, water bodies etc 

    Rosalind  YOU will soon realise that there are seasonalities 

    Rosalind  There are comings and goings, nest building activities, breeding activities etc 

    ajitsesh  Good i listed some species of wildlife before and now to gather some

    initiatives.... bird boxes is an excellent idea...observe all natural habitats, water

    bodies, get the schools to become more serious,have multi-seasonal fruit bearing

    bird-friendly trees 

    Rosalind  Nature is so dynamic, that it passes by and we are left poorer for want of

    observational skills 

    Rosalind  Bird baths bird feeders, using organic manure rather than chemical based ones 

    Rosalind  By not cutting trees when they are in fruit or flowering stage - educating the

    society/RWA mali 

    shalin  sure lets do it 

    ajitsesh  Can the Govtt. and governance policies help in these matters ,, if so what are


    shalin  friends can we exchange mail ids ? 

    Rosalind  Governance is of no value unless the Governed have a change of heart ! 

    shalin  i think wwf offers a diploma in environmental law isnt it lima ? 

    Susan  Feeding birds with grains upset natures way of sustaining the birds. Many urban

    homes will have just crows or just pigeons if we start putting out seeds 

    ajitsesh // Ngo website //

    Rosalind  Yes Shalin 

    shalin  more than the policies the environment needs new leaders

    Rosalind  We in the Tropics do not have harsh winters

    shalin  role models 

    shalin  we need to be connected with ppl who care n are persistent   

    shalin  yes its true  

    Rosalind  My basic question is nature is all around you, do you need to have a leader to tell

    you to appreciate it!

    Susan  We all can be role models in our neighbourhood

    ajitsesh  made a good point on role models/ involve youth for environment

    Rosalind  It is when "we" become "I" that change and transformation will happen! 

    shalin  well said miss lima 

    shalin  susan n lima may i have ur ids too   

    Rosalind  Youth need to get connected to relating to the environment as important as


    shalin  well evry field has its mentors 


    Susan  We need to have more wildlife SOS around When a snake is found in a school/college

    compound, it is invariably killed 

    shalin  who we look upto to inspire us 

    shalin  so it was a thought

    Rosalind  that is because of the myths surrounding it 

    shalin  i have put across to u all 

    Rosalind  Create awareness, compassion  

    Rosalind  Every school will become a hub for Wildlife SOS- that is the potential 

    Susan  Lima, I think we also need action 

    Rosalind  Action comes from responsibility 

    shalin  what is sos ? 

    shalin  responsibilty comes from awareness n education 

    ajitsesh  for role models look at chipkko sunderlal,  bishnoi gang, rajendra singh and

    others, Lima for Bats( not for cricket !! ) at Delhi ,now for climate change we have al

    gore and rk pachauri 

    Susan  Do nature clubs of WWF train teachers/students in wildlife SOS activities 

    Rosalind  SOS is an acronym 

    Rosalind  Yes we train teachers in tools and techniques for both outdoor and indoor


    shalin  can i have gmail ids

    ajitsesh  SOS-- STANDS FOR SAVE OUR SOULS...!! YES WE can have wwf show us the way !! 

    shalin  okies 

    Rosalind  WIldlife SOS is a specialised field and requires special skill and training 

    shalin  friends GMAIL IDS


    Susan  Shalin are you a member of BNHS/WWF   

    Rosalind  WWF-I is doing ,but it cannot be doing what each human first needs to do - create

    a responsible behaviour 


    shalin  nopes  

    Susan  You will find role models in BNHS and WWF 

    Rosalind  become one 

    shalin  i was member long time back  

    Rosalind  Renew your membership and support conservation 

    shalin  i am talking in a way like ppl talk bt cricket wildlife needs to be spoken same way

     shalin  now i think ppl are taking wildlife n environment seriously cause the clock is

    ticking faster 

    Rosalind  Besides its a losing battle 

    Rosalind  with wilderness areas being opened up for Tribals  

    Rosalind  and malls and SEZ and Japanese Corrodors 

    ajitsesh  anything for water pl count us in // ofcourse for practical implementation of

    environmental initiatives also // 

    Rosalind  We donot have time to look for inspiration from the outside! 

    shalin  well lima 

    Rosalind  Ajit we need to get back in action! 

    shalin  yes we do 

    shalin  ajit have added u on gtalk

    shalin  please find me shalin as 

    raghavradz  hieeeeee

    shalin  i am associated with a group called hyticos in hyderabad india 

    shalin  hi raghavendra ! 

    Rosalind  Hi Raghav   

    raghavradz  n that hyticos group is awesome 

    shalin  we work for tiger conservation

    shalin  hi raghav !

    raghavradz  hi sis   

    shalin  friends raghav is my brother 

    shalin  he too is a nature lover 

    ajitsesh  hi.ragahav , this is an SOS last 5 minutes .... let us all put some action points

    to be done and take a recount by next chat and take it up steadily 

    Rosalind  What is your Target group? 

    shalin  target group ? 

    Rosalind  with whichsection of society do you engage with?

    shalin  i was also associated with a group called as kids for tigers

    raghavradz  ok friends 1st of all one of our great leaders said...that be the change u want

    to see in the world 

    shalin  kids   

    Rosalind  Ok   

    Rosalind  Great that's the one which will inherit this Earth from us!  

    shalin  yes that was said by mohandas karamchand gandhi 

    raghavradz  so 1st of all i would love to tell u that what ever we gonna do..1st be

    committed to it..n see wheather are we really gonna do this with 100% 

    shalin  we plan to target he college youth as well

    shalin  yes

    shalin  well pionted out 

    shalin  are we equally motivated ?

    shalin  ajit seshadri i have added u on gmail

    raghavradz  so how if we want youth then we would have to make this project interestin and

    full of knowledge n fun 

    shalin  yes raghav we have youngsters like u who help us with ur insights n enthusiasm 

    shalin  lima rosalind u have been added too  

    raghavradz  youth want something real fascinating

    Rosalind  There is a lot of talent in this country among our Youth 

    shalin  please accept me on gtalk i wud appreciate 

    radzace7  hi raghav  

    ajitsesh  thanks for joining us in ,, we have done and doing a lot on awareness &

    participation with school & college youth and some grown up youths also!! 

    raghavradz  friendz n shalini di radz is maa fiance 

    shalin  radzace  

    radzace7  hi guys

    shalin  huh   

    Susan  Lima, it is one hour of chat- do you want to sum up? 

    Rosalind  Yes 

    shalin  susan ur mail id 

    shalin  at gmail 

    raghavradz  u know 1st start nature lovers camp...n then we can tell nat geo to help us in


    shalin  ppl y so quiet 


    Rosalind  Urban wildlife needs support a with compassion and action for its survival 

    raghavradz  u know its gud we are makin plzns but it is useless until we execute it 

    shalin  yes 

    shalin  yes lets al connect n exucute or best 

    raghavradz  ok but how...

    shalin  i think email 

    raghavradz  three things how what and when   

    Rosalind  We need to spread this message of tolerance, observation, learning and doing 

    Rosalind  above all engaging with allsections of society 

    shalin  i am gona start blogging as well 

    raghavradz  "how" what and "when" juss think about this 

    shalin  apart from field work 

    shalin  n awareness programmes   

    Rosalind  Thanks for this evening of exchanges . It was engaging! 

    ajitsesh  hi all !! i am losing my connectivity we will be in touch to do our best ...

    count me in !!! all the best from me....!!! 

    shalin  truly

    Susan  Yes, Shalin Internet is a great medium for creating awareness Start writing in IWC

    Blog as well 

    shalin  ajit be in touch 

    shalin  i wil do susan 

    shalin  do join me

    Rosalind  Thanks Susan for this opportunity. YOu could also count in WWF-I website 

    Susan  Thank you Ajit, Shalin and friends Thanks Lima for sparing the time 

    shalin  i have sent u invite on gtalk 

    shalin  yeah same here susan

    Susan  Bye and see you next month same time!  

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