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Chat on "Tourism and Wildlife" dated August 18, 2005

    Chat on 'Tourism and Wildlife" dated 18 th August 2005


    Susan Welcome to IWC chat on 'Tourism and Wildlife"

    shweta hi susan how r u

    Susan hello Shweta Susan How is your study program going? Tourism must be a part of your syllabus too.

    shweta yes writing assinments these days Susan Any assignment on eco-tourism?

    Susan Any assignment on eco-tourism?

    shweta yes

    Susan Would you like to tell us about it?

    shweta Here in India the future is really good but we need to be sinciere in our effort

    Susan Which are the eco-tourism spots you have visited?

    Susan May be as part of your course you have visted some places...

    shweta if we talk about eco tourism we have only national parks as eco tourism venues

    Susan Well it can also be sanctuaries, village tourism, temple tourism...

    shweta many countries like south africa , australia r really doing well as eco tourism destination

    Susan What makes you say that?

    shweta can i share some data with u regarding this

    Susan Yes, of course

    shweta india has 7 times south africa forest cover, almost twice as many species of mammals , 4 times as many species of birds 5 times as many kinds of reptiles. and with 4 times as many protected sanctuaries

    shweta india is far better endowed with ecological resources than south africa

    Susan The statistics is really revealing...

    shweta and yet, s africa, expects to earn more than $6.25 billion alone in foreign ex alone from tourism in 2005

    Susan But how does our income from Ecotourism or all tourism compare?

    shweta where eco tourism is primary activity while india barely managed to scrape togther $4.9 billon

    Susan S.Africa has not had to face the near extinction of some species ever, am I right?

    shweta from 'total spend' by tourists in 2004

    Susan There is a lot for us to learn from, maybe Brazil too?

    shweta maam i am too young infront of you can i ask one ques

    Susan Sure

    shweta why there is not a proper functionay from the side of govt

    Susan The govt has a ministry for tourism at Centre as well as States

    chaitanya Hi,Good evening every body

    shweta who r the people designin the strategies

    chaitanya sorry for being late

    Susan But if you mean why is there no body esply for wildlife tourism yes I think there should be a body exclusively to promote and regulate wildlife tourism

    Susan Welcome, Chaitanya

    chaitanya maam,there is a bodylooking after wild life tourism

    Susan What is this body?

    chaitanya forest department itself has intiated the policy of eco tourism

    shweta there r few foreign universities who give fund for research

    shweta but do we have something like that here in india

    chaitanya and under that policy some charges are fixedfor sanctuaries and national parks

    chaitanya yes , we do.

    chaitanya if u r willing to visit there or do there camping, they r charging and let u do ur activities

    Susan But the charges are not uniform nor are the collections going back to the national parks

    chaitanya they are going there

    chaitanya national parks' charges r higher

    chaitanya the charges taken are going to their account only

    Susan You mean the collections( gate) are going back to the forest dept everywhere? That is how it should be I guess.

    chaitanya last three days i was in a sanctuary, i paid for my visit

    chaitanya last three days i was in a sanctuary, i paid for my visit

    chaitanya and i was given a reciept for the same

    shweta i wana tell u very interesting fact a dead tiger will fetch $50,000 in black market.but if india were to play its card well, it stands to gain $30 million from tourists who come solely to see the magnificeint beast in its habitat.

    chaitanya if the reciept is given, the charges r going to deptt.

    Susan Some part of the tourist income from hotels should go to the villagers around the sanctuary/n.p too.

    shweta see there is that contriversial Tribal act these days

    chaitanya forest deptt is allocating some fund for upliftment of the periferry area

    chaitanya but it must be utilised properly

    shweta you r talkin about gujrat

    chaitanya but I think, eco tourism is not beneficiary for jungles

    Susan The gate fees are not very high in N.P. Maximum revenue must be from hotel and jeep earnings.

    chaitanya no, this is the policy countywide

    shweta why?

    Susan Why are you saying ecotourism is not beneficial to jungles?

    chaitanya we cant just look to the revenue generated, we have to look in to the disturbance done to the diversity

    chaitanya I have seen people roaming in jeeps to see the beasts

    shweta i think if we want to preserve wildlife we need to develop eco tourism in protctd areas

    chaitanya they'r following the animals

    Susan I think hotels which are starred should be banned from the vicinity of all N.Ps

    chaitanya u r right shweta

    shweta see controlled traffic of tourist should be there

    chaitanya in each jungle, there must b a separate area, where visitors can see wild life

    shweta and locals should be trained

    Susan We must develop "Village tourism" or homestead tourism instead.

    chaitanya its successfully done in GIR NP

    Susan That will attract people who really care about wildlife and forest

    chaitanya locals are trained,but they have to develop their lives

    Susan What is the GIR story?

    chaitanya they need more money

    chaitanya There is an area named 'Devalia', which is developed as safari park

    shweta thats the reason there is a need for eco tourism professionals like me

    chaitanya pplcan take a round in petrol vehicle and see the lions moving freely

    chaitanya its not like that shweta,

    chaitanya u go in jungle, u educate ppl about nature,but...

    Susan Are the Maldharis of GIR getting some benefit from tourism too?

    chaitanya u must take care of nature also

    chaitanya i was in a jungle for three days

    chaitanya i trekked there with 60 ppl

    chaitanya yes, susan

    chaitanya their milk products r purchased

    shweta but what to do with the people who r living inside the PAs

    chaitanya and out of the income, many schemes r runned for their well being

    chaitanya its a headache for govts

    chaitanya in GIR, maldharis are not harming animals

    shweta and govt will come up with that tribal bill

    chaitanya cz, they know if jungle is finished, they r finished

    shweta condition here in Dudhava is diff

    chaitanya and lion is getting prey of buffallows and cows

    chaitanya whats that?

    Susan The Govt must be paying lots of compensation for cattle then

    shweta Those Tharu tribes are gettin victim of forest animals and not benefited from tourism

    chaitanya yes

    chaitanya yes

    shweta thats the reason they support poachers

    chaitanya its disgusting

    shweta One tiger skin, 7 kg tiger bones and 18 teeth were seized by the Uttar Pradesh Forest Department on 16 August 2005

    Susan What can be the solution to the Tharu tribes supporting poachers?

    chaitanya yeah

    chaitanya i read it

    Susan Is this Tharu tribe the same who are there in Nepal ( Chitwan) area too?

    chaitanya they must be given alternate income sources

    shweta they cant b moved out of the park

    chaitanya its not needed

    Susan It is very difficult to see tigers in Chitwan Some say there are none left

    chaitanya they are a part of the diversity

    shweta they carry a gr8 culture with them but they r very poor

    chaitanya and they can earn even inside

    shweta thats the big ques how?

    Susan The Tharu tribes of Nepal are excellent in dance and music

    chaitanya so they can form a cultural group

    shweta when their culture will come in front of people/

    Susan Yes, Chaitanya, the forest dwellers have a culture of their own which is very exclusive

    chaitanya and govt must step forward in this diraction

    Susan The hotels in Chitwan get Tharu dancers to perform every night

    shweta Incredible india has something for this or not?

    chaitanya so they must be organised and can earn

    Susan Sell the forest as a package to tourists -wild animals, tribals their culture....

    shweta how to make our govt realize ?

    chaitanya thru NGOs

    chaitanya maybe

    shweta Maam why dont you form such organization

    Susan Through Clubs like ours.

    shweta that can look after these issues

    chaitanya we can gather information and we too can write it on behalf of IWC

    Susan The chat transcript is published every month and is read by at least 50,000 people a month? assuming 50% of our visitors read it

    chaitanya thats cool

    chaitanya hey, susan,, i will send you a report alongwith some pics of my trek.

    chaitanya and i have some nice pics of my himalayan trek,too

    shweta but who will perform the work at ground .we need to monitor things and give it a direction

    chaitanya can it be put on IWC?

    Susan We need to talk and write-internet is the best medium to get heard without taking an appointment from the govt. I believe many people from Govt also visit our site.

    chaitanya and we can just write it in black and white,too

    Susan Yes, Chatanya please send the trek report and pics

    chaitanya thanks

    shweta that means we need to wait n watch till someone draws the guideline and perform

    Susan We will publish it in the ezine. If you can send it by 23rd or so, we will publish it in this month's ezine

    chaitanya not some one,

    chaitanya we can do it

    chaitanya ok, i ll do it

    Susan It is always nice to talk to positive minded people like you two

    chaitanya thanks

    chaitanya can u do one thing susan?

    Susan Yes, Chaitanya?

    chaitanya can u gather some detaios about tharu tribals?

    chaitanya so we can prepare a presentation

    chaitanya if we can just send a letter to concerned forest officials, it can do some good for them

    Susan I will try to get details from the chitwan area and Shweta can get it from Dudhwa

    chaitanya that will be very nice

    Susan Shall we call it a day? It is time to close the chat room. Thank you Shweta and Chaitanya

    chaitanya wel come and thanks to you,too susan.


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