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Chat on "Human Elephant Conflict" dated December 18, 2010
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: hello susan mam
  • Alok Kaushik: Welcome. Today's chat topic is 'Human elephant conflict'.
  • Alok Kaushik: Dr. Susan is expected to join shortly.
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Hello! How are you?
  • Alok Kaushik: Thanks for joining. We are expecting Ankur Chaturvedi as well shortly.
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: helo
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: hello susan mam
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Which is the primary reason of the conflict,_ increase in number or encroachment of their territory?9sorry, couldn't elaborate)
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Hello,Susan!
  • Ankur: hello everyone
  • Ankur: sorry
  • Ankur: i am late
  • Ankur: hi
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: hello sir
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Hello!
  • Ankur: all of you must have read about the recent episodes of elephents being run over by trains in north bengal
  • Ankur: hi rupali
  • Ankur: rupali.. the primary reason is reduction of habitat
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Hi, I belong to North east and I am familiar with such news all the time( of course , I don't stay there all the time too)!
  • Ankur: the elephant numbers in south india are much higher, but the conflict is much less..
  • Ankur: the problem in the north east is also the degenaration of the forests..
  • Ankur: in other words the "elephant habitat" is just habitable on paper...
  • Ankur: there is hardly anythig left for the elephents to survive on
  • Rupali Devi Barua: But do you think the assorted problems the pachyderm is facing could also because the number has increased; I heard they are growing in numbers over there;
  • Ankur: i do not have the data bur can safely asume that elephant numbers are not a problem....
  • Ankur: maybe Susan could throw some light on this
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: my question is also same ,but they are faceing threats as accidents,deforestration,many other
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: if we say they are increse in number
  • Ankur: could you please elaborate prajakta
  • Ankur: getting acurate numbers is always a problem...
  • Rupali Devi Barua: One thing true,_ the corridor areas are much disrupted causing the conflict to be more instant in nature;
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: they damaged crop of farmer which relly increse
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: conflict between human and wild harbivorus
  • Ankur: my dear friend have no respect for the international borders and move across bhutan / nepal / india
  • Ankur: rupali....that indeed is the main problem in north east, specially north bengal
  • Rupali Devi Barua: I mean to say, the conflicts are becoming more frequent; Do you think safeguarding the corridor areas will be one big effort on govt. part?
  • Ankur: prajakta... for the elephants there is nothing like crops or forest, they eat waht they get
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: ok.
  • Ankur: yes rupali... safegaurding the corridor is a must, unfortunatlely our govt has not even completed the study of viable corridors
  • Ankur: Hi Alok... yet to hear from you
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: but it is possible to give set of mittigation to the areas where conflict is rising
  • Ankur: well the conflict is highest in north bengal....
  • Rupali Devi Barua: The elephants come to the raiway lines because they are crossing the elephants' corridor paths; should n't govt. revert the railway lines to other areas?
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: ok..
  • Ankur: creating corridors in tea belt is really not a problem... just needs to be taken up as a priority and done
  • Ankur: rupali... that's easier said than done...
  • Ankur: we need "out of box" solutions as both the railway track and the elephants have to stay
  • Rupali Devi Barua: That is true; but sooner or later it must be done to avoid such things happenning in future; Shouldn't there be some campaign to pressurise the government?
  • Ankur: Yes.. i agree.
  • Ankur: Over the last few years, elephants have routinely been hit by trains...
  • Ankur: these are reported in the press... even TV news and that's just about it..
  • Ankur: pepole forget about the problem till the next elephant is hit and again this becomes a topic of reports and debates for the next few days
  • Ankur: wildlife managment is india is very poor...
  • Ankur: the size and the wanderlust of the elephants exagerate the problem
  • Susan Sharma: Sorry friends, I am not able to join in Am in a village in H.P slow connection
  • Ankur: no problem susan... i am holding fort!
  • Rupali Devi Barua: I think it should be people's mission to raise voice for the corridor's safeguard;
  • Ankur: I could not agree more...
  • Ankur: have been trying to do my bit but not with much success..
  • Ankur: how about starting a campaing..
  • Ankur: you could involve your co-workers, friends, facebook pals...
  • Ankur: if all of do that maybe we could build up a support base and then raise our voice
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Sometime back govt. recommended a bill on elephant; do you think the corridor is a concern?
  • Ankur: I am sorry rupali.. i am not aware of the bill
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: we can sign online pittation
  • Ankur: yes we could.. prajakta
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Your idea is nice; why not start a campaign in FB, our homeline portal? Prajakta's idea is also very nice;
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: we will circulate on fb and web site
  • Ankur: would you want to do that?
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: yes if i get guidance
  • Ankur: we could put links to pics and news reports
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Sure; why should there be any problem? only we have to be systematic, I believe;
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: ok.sorry friend i have resque call hv to go plz
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: plz inform me
  • Ankur: sure..
  • Ankur: lets keep in touch..
  • Prajakta hushangabadkar: i lov to do that byye
  • Ankur: my mail id is
  • Rupali Devi Barua: In fact, sorry, i too get to go;( enjoyed the discussion very much);
  • Ankur: rupali.. lets catch up and work on fb
  • Ankur: bye and take care
  • Rupali Devi Barua: But tomorrow get to appear for Human rights's test; ( Want to see where man's and animals' rights conflict)!
  • Ankur: thanks for your concern and time
  • Ankur: all the best
  • Ankur: human's rigths are denied by human's only
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Nice talking ( Chatting) with everyone: would like to know further development....
  • Ankur: hi alok
  • Alok Mishra: Hi Ankur
  • Alok Mishra: and Namaste to everyone
  • Ankur: welcome
  • Alok Mishra: thanks
  • Ankur: so what do you think about the conflict?
  • Rupali Devi Barua: @ Ankur,_and how we can proceed our campaign in FB andother sites!
  • Alok Mishra: the conflict is human made
  • Alok Mishra: and it is due to violation of nature's law
  • Alok Mishra: by us
  • Alok Mishra: Elephants or any other wild animals simly follow the rules of nature and basic instinct
  • Ankur: lets first collate the info for our fb page... maybe susan could help with this
  • Rupali Devi Barua: @ alok,_ sorry ,leaving soon; wuld like to discuss about what we can do further; Bye..
  • Ankur: lets take one step at a time
  • Alok Mishra: no problem
  • Alok Mishra: I cam elate :)
  • Alok Mishra: *late
  • Ankur: better late than never :)
  • Alok Mishra: ha ha
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Coming back again, I can contribute with a poster for FB if you want to start the campaign; Shall send to Susan if she wants;
  • Ankur: that will be grate rupali...
  • Ankur: you could mail it to me as well
  • Rupali Devi Barua: In a few days I shall be sending it; may be we should go to
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Kindly can you both give me your FB add. or email ID?
  • Alok Mishra:
  • Ankur:
  • Alok Mishra:!/anticipator
  • Alok Mishra: thank you
  • Ankur: same id on fb
  • Alok Mishra: I hope it will be enlightening for me
  • Alok Mishra: actually I work in the area of education
  • Alok Mishra: so mainly I enjoy expert opinion and discussions at such occassions
  • Ankur: where are you based alsok?
  • Ankur: alok. sorry
  • Alok Mishra: Alok
  • Alok Mishra: Bangalore
  • Ankur: well i have worked on the problem in north east.
  • Rupali Devi Barua: Thank you all; shall contact soon and let me be informed if you would like the poster of the campaign; Bye..
  • Ankur: you can read my article on the site published a few years back
  • Alok Mishra: please send me the site
  • Alok Mishra: and details
  • Deepak Arya: Namaskara Deepak from Bangalore
  • Ankur: hi deepak
  • Alok Mishra: hi deepak
  • Deepak Arya: sorry for the delay
  • Ankur: alok
  • Deepak Arya: Hi all of you
  • Ankur: the article is on the site of the Indian wildlife club
  • Deepak Arya: first time on a chat room - so don't know much - please excuse any mistakes
  • Ankur:
  • Ankur: there is always a first time...
  • Ankur: please feel at home
  • Deepak Arya: thanks
  • Ankur: we aprecite your concern
  • Ankur: what do you think can be done to prevent the conflict from escelating
  • Deepak Arya: I have seen many incidences near bangalore with disastrous effects
  • Deepak Arya: Tamil Nadu chases the elephants across the Cauvery valley and from here it is the same
  • Deepak Arya: I don't know I have given many representations to PCCF - nothing works
  • Ankur: well my friend..that is nothing compared to what the elephants have to go through in north bengal
  • Deepak Arya: Trains
  • Deepak Arya: keep reading about it and feel sad
  • Alok Kaushik: Friends. Just a quick time check...
  • Ankur: trains are just one of the things...
  • Deepak Arya: in such specified tracks build overbridges
  • Ankur: can you imagine a burninf tyre being thrwon on an elephant's back...
  • Ankur: it melts and sticks..
  • Ankur: the more the animal trieas to rub it off, the more it burns
  • Deepak Arya: horrible is not the word - catch that fellow and adorn him with a burning tyre
  • Ankur: elephant with his trunk chopped off?
  • Deepak Arya: but why as well kill it directly
  • Ankur: they are killed as well!
  • Deepak Arya: why torture before - ugliness to its limits - I feel atleast Veerappan would kill them first
  • Ankur: veerappan wanted tusks...
  • Ankur: these people are at war with the elephants
  • Deepak Arya: what do these people want?
  • Ankur: you too should read my article..
  • Deepak Arya: I will surely just after this
  • Alok Mishra: @Ankur. Where I can get those articles?
  • Ankur: we are planning a online campaing in fb and other sites... would request you support
  • Ankur:
  • Alok Mishra: thanks
  • Ankur: Thanks everyone...
  • Ankur: need to go now
  • Deepak Arya: Bye
  • Ankur: you can stay in touch on
  • Alok Mishra: Thank you to everybody
  • Deepak Arya: sure
  • Ankur: thanks and bye
  • Alok Mishra: bye bye
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